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Top 5 Autumn Books

Top 5 Autumn Books

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Autumn is one of our favourite seasons. As soon as that temperature drops, its time to think about coats, candles, hot chocolate and warm blankets. Autumn is a time to relax and enjoy the colourful leaves all around us. What isn’t better then being cosy in your warm reading spot. Here are the 5 books we'll be reading this autumn.




The Ghost Station, by Nigel Cole


Darcy, bored with her summer homework, had to write an essay about Guy Fawkes and his plan to blow up Parliament. But little did she know that this homework was about to become the most exciting she had done yet!

When Darcy and her friends, the Brompton Bulldogs, found themselves in a disused underground station, it turned out to be a whole lot more dangerous than they had expected. When they took a trip back in time, they found themselves helping the so-called "traitor" Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators to escape the clutches of merciless King James after the failed Gunpowder plot.





Le Cadeau De L'amour, by Steven Sullivan


Three families, all very different. They had moved into the new build houses on the estate at the same time, one child born to each family, and had become friends from the beginning.

Barbeques, holidays, days out - they were all involved and went everywhere together, sharing many happy times and fond memories.

But things changed the day the three children - Tommy, Louise and Sophie - now in their teens, went on holiday together. They had grown up like brothers and sisters but were now adults. They were suddenly alone in Portugal and the mixture of sun, excitement, and their freedom brought hidden sexual feelings out, leading to a holiday romance.

There always had to be an odd one out though and, when both girls fell in love with Tommy, it was inevitable one of them would get hurt.





The Devil Egg, by Delvin Nelson


Who was the little girl with the strange name of Egg?

She had no recollection of her previous life or how she came to live with the King who became her 'pretend grandad'. She just appeared in his garden in a dishevelled state and he had taken care of her. Born Reginald Fielding, his only right to the throne was sealed after a game of gin rummy.

Was Egg really Chaos Likely, a mysterious astral occurrence or a Sinister Vessel?

But time was back to front and she realised she wasn't supposed to exist yet. Everything came flooding back to her when she looked into her real father's eyes. It was like wakening from a dream. She remembered her past and her mother ruling over another world.

Why was a little battered book called the Thumb so important? Did it hold the plan for the future of mankind?




The Sound of Your Soul, by Anna Cookson


There are no fish, in the future. We killed them.

But it's not just the ghosts of the shoals making artist Cally Dune unhappy.

Her husband has gone. Vanished, after being called up for the President's new ‘Training Scheme'.

"No body ever comes back the same." Worried whispers drift through the pubs, gathering like rainclouds to drip their paranoia into Cally's mind, which is already marinaded in grief for Simon and fear about being called to Training herself.

Letting the wine flow into the places where it hurts, Cally stumbles into the arms of a clammy banker and unwittingly discovers a disturbing and painful secret. She is propelled on a journey through the dust of Africa and the hidden tunnels deep below London...unravelling the fading scrolls of the ancient Egyptians and illuminating their lurid hieroglyphics.

And ultimately towards a heartbreaking save her marriage or save her soul.

Because now there's something else at stake.

They are coming for it.

And it's inside her.




The Telltale, by Nicholson


Robert and Katy meet when they are teenagers and become childhood sweethearts. Though they may have different ambitions for their careers, they love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, starting with university. Afterwards, their differing careers mean that they spend more time apart but are still very much together. Robert becomes a dedicated and successful teacher who cares about his students. Katy is on her way to becoming a very successful, and rich, lawyer.

Cracks begin to appear as their ideas of how a marriage works seem to differ. Will they make it through these tough times? And will Robert be content to always be the underdog?



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