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Three Contemporary Romance Novels to Read for Pride Month!

Three Contemporary Romance Novels to Read for Pride Month!

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Every year in June we celebrate #Pride Month. Rather than simply sharing a rainbow on your social media, why not support what this community does best – create art in all its forms!


Today we’re sharing 3 of our favourite LGBTQ+ romance novels that explore and celebrate the culture that is so near and dear to our hearts. Support queer fiction for #Pride this month and every month!


Marc Marci

Larry G. Goldsmith




Devastated by the sudden death of his parents, eighteen-year-old Marc is suddenly alone in the world. To cope with his grief, he travels to Europe where he hopes to find himself. His road to self-discovery, however, is not how he envisaged it. Twists and turns throughout the next decade add dimension and character to a passage he never imagined.
Initially, new friends, the nightlife of London and sudden trauma lead him to his biggest discovery; that he is happier as a she. As Marc becomes Marci, she adjusts to living as a woman while embracing all the highs and lows that life flings at her.
Marc Marci is an inspirational story of a young person's journey, achieving happiness against the odds.



Analina MacEwan



Isobel, full of dreams and ready to embrace the adventure, moves to the other side of the world with her new husband. Years later, a divorced single parent and mourning the loss of her partner, she meets Tristan and her life changes completely.

Tristan is tall, handsome, twelve years her junior and in love with her. Isobel allows herself to believe that this time her dreams really can come true, but Tristan is damaged and hides a secret which could destroy everything.

Will Isobel ever get her happy ending?


Letting Go

Kent Hung




Eleven years later, following a tragic event, Andrew suddenly has to re-evaluate his own life and struggle to find self-acceptance and learn to let go.


In the end, Andrew realizes he has to embrace change. But who or what will he be Letting Go?









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