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The Wellsprings of Inspiration: An Interview with Lance Cerff

The Wellsprings of Inspiration: An Interview with Lance Cerff

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We had the privilege this week of speaking with Lance Cerff, author of 'Orca's Revenge', to speak about his Peter Benchley-esque novel, the number of books he has authored and his words of wisdom for budding writers. 

Check out Lance's book here. 




1). Lance, you’ve written a book that stands alone amidst our catalogue- we don’t have too many (or any at all) novels on our roster that blend thriller with a marine creature feature, and certainly none that might be comparable to Peter Benchley’s “Jaws”! What did you look to for inspiration whilst writing “Orca’s Revenge”?


LC: My personal fascination with marine creatures has motivated me to create a story that features these magnificent beings.  Additionally, I draw inspiration from the profound impact of human actions on the marine environment and its consequences for the natural world.

I wrote this book many years ago and have subsequently seen many journalistic reports of Orcas attacking yachts and boats.  These scenarios in my book, where Orcas attack humans on beaches and boats, were the product of my vivid imagination.


2). The sea and its denizens make for captivating characters in literature and adjacent media alike. What drew you to writing a story concerned with nautical terror?


LC: I have to acknowledge that Peter Benchley’s “Jaws” served as a significant source of inspiration for me.  Crafting an adrenaline pumping thriller filled with suspense and intrigue was a gratifying experience.  My hope is that readers not only find enjoyment in this book but also discern the underlying message within it. I believe the story also delves into the complexities of human strengths and weaknesses.



3). You say that you have written around “twenty-odd” books, so it’s clear indeed that you have a boundless passion for writing. When did your interest begin, and could you tell us about your first book?


LC: I possess a vivid imagination that often serves as the wellspring of inspiration for my books.  Many ideas stem from dreams I have had.  Upon awakening, I promptly jot down the essential elements and then start to weave them into a compelling storyline.

During my teenage years in school, I was honoured with a literary award for an article that I had written for the school newspaper.  This recognition fired up my belief in myself that I could write stories and that I found great pleasure in doing so.

I also had the privilege of being seconded to the local Cape Town newspaper as a sports commentator.  I would share my insights with the sports editor, and my commentary would be featured in the newspaper on a weekly basis.

My desire is to share my books with avid readers worldwide, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in my distinctive ideas that occasionally diverge from the norm.



4). As a prolific writer, what advice would you offer to a budding writer who has yet to take the plunge?


LC: Write regularly and hone your skills to generate an interesting story.  Repeat editing and revising your work, making changes all the time until you are satisfied with the story line.  Share your writing with family and trusted friends to receive constructive feedback.  Reading a variety of genres will also broaden your perspective and maybe give you inspiration and new ideas for writing.  A passion for witing is also key to a good story.



5). Book-wise, what’s next for you? Do you have anything forthcoming that you might be willing to share?


LC: I have several completed books that I wish to have published.  I am hoping that once people read Orca’s Revenge, there will be an interest created for my other books.

A few titles:


Tsunami Terror - When a fearsome tsunami hits the holiday island of Phuket, Thailand, a married couple must face the effects of the terrible wave on their children and their lives.


Barely Covered - This light-hearted story opens with a salesman’s visit to a farmhouse to sell clothing.  It has an interesting plot with many funny and entertaining twists and turns.


Satan Goes Swimming - When the children of a camping couple are scared off by a mysterious man with unusual powers, their parents call on two friends to help them find out what is happening near their lonely campsite on the banks of a large tidal river.  The two couples are subjected to a weekend of terror and suffering, during which they find out more about the powers of the Devil than they ever would have thought possible.


Calamities of the Cape - A wild and highly doubtful “Hysteria” regarding the happenings of a Khoisan family that lives in a cave on Table Mountain, interspersed with whimsical accounts of genuine visits by adventurers to the Cape. (modern day Cape Town)


IceOlives and Biltong - A young South African lad goes fishing off Iceland and based on a volcanic island, before visiting Shrewsbury, Wales and then off to Greece, where he gets used to living the hard way, with a lot of drinking to soften the pain.


Fishing Frolics - This is the true story of a man (me, the writer of this book) who loves fishing, but who doesn’t often get it right. Feel for him when he gets himself snarled up, which is most of the time, as well as sharing in his joy when he sometimes makes a decent catch. Read about his exploits as he grows from a battling angler offshore, to an all at sea boat owner, who usually allows his vessel to take command of the situation when they get into scrapes together.


Camping Capers - How a family of six went on holidays with six more friends, in the middle of nowhere without spending a fortune or going mad, yet they all still love one another. And they remain good friends today.





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