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The Sound of Your Soul | Review

The Sound of Your Soul | Review

 |  Author Life

We recently received a lovely review from Sally Burrell, check out below to see what she thought! 



"A fantastic book which will keep you guessing. A story which shows love, friendship, magic and surprises. Anna writes straight from the heart and will capture your Soul. Such beautiful poetry flows through this charming book.


This book is definitely a "must have" read. The story will leave you wondering "oh my lord this could happen." The storyline is frightening, yet spellbinding.


I'll give you a hint, but I would like you to read it for yourself, to feel the emotions I have experienced. What would your life be like with no marriage, no places of worship, no Christmas and to go to a place, where you never come back the same? Read the book, you will be hooked, I was.


Thank you Anna."




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