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The Problems with Being a Bookworm

The Problems with Being a Bookworm

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If, like us, you're a complete bookworm and spend as much time as possible reading, then you'll know that there are some side-effects. Whilst the pay off is generally great, there are a couple of problems.


1. The Aches and Pains

Oh yeah, this is definitely one. It doesn't matter whether you're reading on your bed, on the floor or on your sofa, if you read for an extended amount of time, you're going to hurt. Your neck will ache, your back will be in spasm and your eyes will feel like someone's poked at them with sticks. When reading for longer than 15 minutes, you're bound to develop 'the hunch' - you know, the one where your bent over, head buried inside your book and your nose brushing the paper? Yep, that one. And you will pay for it dearly when you come up for air. Hey, being a bookworm is no easy feat!


2. Lack of Sleep

Whomever claimed that reading helps you drift off to sleep is a liar! Say you buy a new book, settle down in bed with it that night and - boom! You're hooked from page 1. Now, that's all well and good, but before you know it, it's 3 a.m., you've developed 'the hunch' and you still can't put that book down. What then? Do you try to close the book, roll over and get a couple of hours sleep? Well, you could try but we all know that you'll be tossing and turning, dying to pick up said book and read just one more chapter


3. Post-Book Blues

Also known as a 'book hangover'. Yes, this is really a thing and every bookworm suffers from it. That inevitable last page is turned, the book is closed and...what do you do now? You're left reeling by some cliff-hanger, you've dedicated hours to reading and now you're left to contemplate what you've just seen. Don't worry, you're not suffering alone!


4. So Much to Read, So Little Time

Every bookworm is guilty of this: the 'to be read' pile. Normally tucked away, out of sight, whilst we read the same ten books over and over again. But does that stop us from buying more books? No! We continue to purchase more and then start reading them, until we purchase the next book (normally when we're about halfway through the first). We then start reading that one and on it goes. Find us a bookworm that doesn't have an unfinished pile of books waiting to be read and we'll kiss their feet!


5. Books as Far as the Eye Can See

Apparently, there is such a thing as 'too many books'. We disagree, even if we're hidden behind a mountain of paper and pretty covers. One can never have too many books and don't tell us to sell them/bin them/send them to a charity shop. They are our babies and they deserve a forever might get a bit crowded but hey, who needs space?



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