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The Perfect Reading Spot - Does it Exist?

The Perfect Reading Spot - Does it Exist?

 |  Book Nook

Where is your favourite place to read books? Is your favourite reading spot in the library, on your bed or in a comfy chair in your own book corner? Why don’t you take us on tour and let us know what’s so special about it? Why is it your perfect reading spot?


There’s no denying it: one of the most peaceful paces to crack open a book is in a library, where you are surrounded by so many different books. We can definitely spend a good hour or two browsing the shelves, looking for one particularly book to satisfy the literary cravings!


What about reading while being surrounded by the smell of coffee? Coffee shops are one of the best places to be if you are a writer or just want to read a good book - it's quiet, peaceful and hot drinks and tasty pastry are right at your fingertips!



Of course, there are many of us who love reading books in bed. Snuggling up in your blanket, making yourself comfortable, relaxing and letting your imagination go wild.



Having a great location for reading a book is so important. In the park or the beach, being surrounded by nature - nothing but you and the words on the page.



Wherever it is, make sure you enjoy it!



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