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Short Stories Are, To Me, More Impactful - An Interview With Meenakshi Kumar

Short Stories Are, To Me, More Impactful - An Interview With Meenakshi Kumar

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Sometimes short and sweet is the best. We love expansive epics and complex stories just as much as a regular reader, but to sit down and be taken on numerous adventures, meet a wide range of characters and to do so within the confines of one book is an excellent way to spend an afternoon reading.


We spoke with Meenakshi Kumar about her choice to write in the short form, the benefits of doing so and the influences which inspired her when writing.



Before Kaleidoscope, how much writing experience did you have? When did you start to write stories?


As far as I remember, writing has been my passion - since my childhood. I still have scribbled pages with some memories jotted down.


Story writing, I feel, came as a confluence of my love for listening to stories (which probably all kids of my age must have had) and realizing how much impact a story can make in delivering messages. I loved the academic lessons of writing during the schooldays where we had to write stories for our exams.


My first published work is on ‘Cooking and Nutrition’ titled Everyday Vegetarian Cooking: with Nutritional Details and Kitchen Management Tips.


Then I wrote a novel titled In the Game of Love: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Through a romantic story, the issue of unpaid labour performed by women in their homes is brought out. The society’s apathetical approach towards this area negatively affects women’s condition.


The work on my short stories was going on at intervals.



Kaleidoscope is made up of nine individual narratives. What went into the decision to tell nine separate short stories, over a larger one?


Short stories are, to me, more impactful. In a novel, one issue can be highlighted and discussed, but in short stories, a reader can enjoy a variety of emotions in a short span of time - as there are as many setups as the number of stories and every story has a unique emotion. From readers point of view, reading short stories are more viable than a long one.



As a person of faith, how did your beliefs inspire your work? What influences are woven in between your words?


Ramayan and Mahabharta are the greatest epic works in Hindu literature. The characters in the story greatly affect our society. To drive a message home the stories are the best vehicles. The conditions and situations women face in our society have been brought out.



Do you have a favorite story from your book? Which one would you encourage people to purchase a copy of Kaleidoscope and read?


Each story is a world for me and is written with all my heart and mind put into it. I ensure that the readers, too, can delve into each story and relish the sweet nectar of emotions from it.



And finally, do you have any further publications in production down the line?


I am also pursuing a PhD in gender and development studies, and presently I am working on my thesis. I have been assigned to write a chapter for a book on my subject.



Kaleidoscope is available in paperback now.



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