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PSA Regarding a Recent Scam

PSA Regarding a Recent Scam

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Recently, Pegasus Publishers has been made aware of a scam that is circulating, whereby individuals are using our company name in phishing schemes. We have put together this article to promote awareness of this issue, and highlight the methods being used by the scammers. 

Scammers are advertising fake jobs using email, IM services such as WhatsaApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, and freelance job sites such as Fiverr. Some of these fake jobs include translation, SEO content writing, copywriting, and logo and graphic design. 

Some of the scammers are even sending over fabricated contracts to make the faux jobs seem legitimate. Do not be fooled by this, this is simply an attempt to gain your trust. See the image below. 


Please be aware that Pegasus Publishers (or any sizeable, reputable company) will never advertise for jobs using Instant Messaging Services. Pegasus Publishers would also never advertise for freelance jobs via services such as Upwork and Fiverr. Moreover, the jobs listed above (content writing, translation etc.) are not jobs that Pegasus would ever advertise. 

Any job advertisements we post tend to go through Indeed. 

If you see an advertisement for a job that seems illegitimate, please email us on



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