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Poolside Books to Read this Summer

Poolside Books to Read this Summer

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It’s getting close to the summer holiday season. Sipping on delicious cocktails, enjoying those sun rays, lounging by the pool. What’s missing? A brilliant book to read!


So, we thought we would put together our recommendations to help you out on what to read by the beach or devouring by the poolside.






Champagne Backpacker

 Gina Clock


Louise was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Through sun, sea and a shed load of partying, she meets a group of girls who quickly become the best of friends. Travelling in style along the east coast of Australia, the girls navigate their way through awkward sexual encounters, questionable rashes, Dianna Ross style humidity hair and the array of bitey things that Australia has to offer!

Then, quicker than you can say ‘casual sex', Louise falls for notorious play boy, ‘Hot Breakfast Guy', whose six pack, big shaggy hair and pearly whites are enough to make any woman sit up and pay attention...and boy do they!

Jumping in feet first (well, technically... she jumped out of a window, dodging an Alsatian... but that's a story for later!) Louise desperately tries to keep her cool whilst designing her wedding dress in her head...





Kevin McGann



Three complete strangers arrive at the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Arietta, a successful businesswoman, is going through a crisis in her life; she knows what she has to do but isn't sure if she has the strength or courage to see it through. Scared and confused, she has fled Manhattan to the solace of the island.

Several years ago, James' wife Clair left, leaving him sad, angry and bitter. The island is the last place he wants to be, but a promise must be kept.

Cheryl, an attractive, struggling, single-mother, is vacationing with her daughter, Caleigh. The last few years tending to her daughter's illness has not only taken an emotional and financial toll on Cheryl, but left her feeling inaccessible, and lonely.

As events unfold and their paths cross, their lives intertwine. Can these unlikely strangers help one another move forward with their lives and find love once again?




The Sea Cottage

 Joanna Challis



Escaping the rut of city life and a high-pressured career, recently divorced Cressidor Phillips throws everything she has into buying a cottage on an island. As the renovations on the historical cottage get underway, the private journal of Laura Carmichael comes to light and casts a shadow on the ‘official' history of the cottage, its previous inhabitants and what really happened on the fatal last sailing of MSS Carolina.

Cressidor unveils the secrets of Laura's past and begins her own investigations to unravel the mystery surrounding The Sea Cottage. As she tracks down descendants and discovers previously unseen documents, Cressidor finds herself sinking further and further into the bleak past.

Will Cressidor find out the truth about what really happened to Laura and her husband, or is there something more sinister lurking on the island?




The Telltale




Robert and Katy meet when they are teenagers and become childhood sweethearts. Though they may have different ambitions for their careers, they love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, starting with university. Afterwards, their differing careers mean that they spend more time apart but are still very much together. Robert becomes a dedicated and successful teacher who cares about his students. Katy is on her way to becoming a very successful, and rich, lawyer.

Cracks begin to appear as their ideas of how a marriage works seem to differ. Will they make it through these tough times? And will Robert be content to always be the underdog?




The Italian Dream

Tamara Kate Jarvis



Sophie gave up a high flying career to find her dream life but has ended up stuck in a dead end job that was only supposed to be temporary. She's also stuck with a nice but boring boyfriend, her parents' constant disappointment, and a life that's going nowhere. When her boss offers her the chance to have that life permanently, she panics and flees to Italy to stay with her friend, Jen, in a village on the outskirts of Florence.

Here in Italy the skies are blue, the sun is shining and Sophie falls in love with a beautiful old Manor house in the village. And what's more, there's a mysterious, handsome man with dark eyes, olive skin and dark blond hair who seems to have taken an instant dislike to her... Why? And will she ever be able to leave all of this behind?






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