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Plastic Free July | Be Part of the Solution

Plastic Free July | Be Part of the Solution

 |  Fun and Games

Cleaner streets, safer oceans, beautiful communities… Let’s all come together and make that a reality, not just for Plastic Free July, but for the whole year!


Plastic Free July is an attempt to help millions of people learn how they can make a difference, and protect our wonderful world.


Below you will find a link to the Plastic Free July Website, which has some amazing tips on how you can do your bit.


We picked out a few for this blog:


- Avid coffee drinker? Switch out throwing each cup in the bin to a reusable cup! Most chain coffee shops already offer reusable cups, so make sure you pick one up!


And if you don’t use one, make sure any plastic cups go in the correct recycling bins!


Further, still, were you given a straw with that drink? Refuse it, and buy a reusable straw instead!


- Swap liquid soaps which come in a plastic bottle to bar soaps. Keeps you clean, and the world cleaner!


- Bulk buy non packaged foods! While you are at it, bring a reusable shopping bag with you to the supermarket, so you don’t have to buy another plastic bag! Did you know, that between 2017 and 2019, the implementation of supermarkets charging for shopping bags, meant a reduction of 56% of single use shopping bags were used!!


A bit mucky, but helpful nonetheless, you can forgo using a bin liner in your bins, and opt to wash the bin out after use instead! (With the bar soaps we discussed earlier mwhahah.)


Don’t want to get your hands dirty? There are a number of compost-able bin liners that you can use instead!



- Being a little bit more proactive, you (and preferably a group of friends) can always walk down to your nearest beach/park and do a good old fashioned litter picking session!


Just because the plastic is already there, doesn’t mean it has to stay. Again, make sure any litter picked up is disposed of/recycled correctly.




For our parents out there, why not get your children interested in the subject? It just so happens that we have some lovely children's books which help explain the situation of plastic waste, in a fun and clever way!


You can check them out below:



Moffie wants to fly. One day, a gust of wind blows him up into the air and takes him on an incredible, but dangerous journey, over land and sea. Where will Moffie end up next?




Jay and Kay, the orca siblings, travel the sea with their family and make friends in the sea while encountering challenges along the way.

Jay and Kay get help from their friends to save marine animals in trouble. As their cousin Len says, "When we protect our oceans, we are protecting our future."

This book will teach children about working together, helping each other and to have the courage to protect the environment.



Let’s all do our bit for our world!



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