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Physical or Digital?

Physical or Digital?

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Ah, yes. Physical or digital? The two decade-ish old conversation that transcends various different kinds of entertainment, from music to film, and with the advent of the Kindle, books and literature!

You’ll find yourself faced with all manner of opinion pieces as you traverse this topic online, with many smarmily dismissing the information age’s answer to reading on the go.

We hope not to position ourselves in favour of a specific stance with this article, and instead put the subject to bed-in our own way- by encouraging people to dip a toe in both pools.

So, paperbacks, hardbacks, physical copies: what’s so good about them? Well, foremostly- and you’ll hear the same thing said of vinyl records- owning and reading one is an intimate experience. You have a unique copy of a novel that will only become more unique as time goes by. All the wear and tear, dog-eared pages and “This book belongs to” scrawled in the inside cover will make the copy all the more yours.

The experience of reading a physical book and taking in the beloved “new book smell” (or old book smell, which is just as nice) is also a novelty that can take us back to childhood, and for the collectors among us, filling up a bookshelf with neatly organised titles and amassing an assortment of different works of literature can spark joy!

For the luddites among us who may turn their nose up at the prospect of reading a novel using a digital screen, we have one word for you. Convenience. The upsetting truth is that you cannot simply stuff your coat pockets with paperbacks when you travel, as inconvenient as that is. That’s where a device such as a Kindle comes to the rescue, as you can download a great number of different titles onto your device.

One might be led to believe that reading on a Kindle causes eye strain, much like looking at computer screen all day, but this is not the case. The Kindle features an anti-glare screen that will go easy on your precious retinas, and the text of any title you are reading can be enlarged. That being said, reading a novel on your pocket-sized mobile phone might cause you a couple of issues.

As we said before, we hope that this encourages you to give credence to both mediums, as we’re not exactly advocating for the pillaging and burning of either here. Reading is a gift in this life, and the more ways there are to enjoy it, the better!




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