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Our Top Five Summer Reads

Our Top Five Summer Reads

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Since it’s now mid-June and the weather is finally starting to warm up, we thought now would be a good time to list our Top Five Summer Reads!


Christian and Layla, by Claire Merchant



Fourteen-year-old Christian Turner starts his new life in the small town of Almanbury. Unhappy with his father's decision to move there from South Coast, Christian's spirits reach a new low. Just when he feels like his life is going up in smoke, he meets Layla Thomas, a bubbly schoolmate, who turns out to be the love of his life. They sweep each other off their feet. It's the type of love that we all want to find; one that will scare us a little.

From that day, they are Christian and Layla, Layla and Christian. Inseparable, together forever... until, after years of a perfect relationship, Layla disappears from Christian's life without a goodbye. Devastated, Christian refuses to accept that she left and struggles to move on, wanting to understand why, and hoping she will come home.

Beautiful, romantic, funny and sad, this is a story of two people who are destined to be together. But will they?


Samphire Coast, by Robert Greenfield



A daringly candid over-the-counter view by the owner of a unique boutique ‘staycation’. Robert Greenfield a former British fashion designer risks everything for a ‘No Going Back’ adventure that turns his and Michael Bell’s comfy city life upside down; as a dramatic new life beckons the budding hoteliers…After an awe-inspiring renovation of a rundown ancient house, the word quickly spreads and their books are FULL to overflowing. Anecdotes abound of the dreaded hotel inspector, and eye-popping ‘Guests from Hell’ that will have you laughing and gasping at their blatant turgid audacity...A real life Boy’s Own spirited ‘derring-do…’ epic roller coaster ride that will have you crying out for a sequel with these two uber-stylish hosts, and their urbane hippy dog, Barnaby-Boo. Entertaining, and spellbinding; maybe you will be packing your bags and heading for the hauntingly scenic North Norfolk coast…


A Year in Flip-Flops, by Angela Elwood



A gap year. Not unusual, but Angela Elwood is older than the average student taking a break. She has family and business responsibilities, with a lovely home and friends. Yet she has the desire to travel alone to South East Asia. Angela feels she is becoming an almost invisible middle-aged woman, with life passing her by, so this is her new challenge.

This factual account of her journey is not a traveller's guide to train and bus travel, or the best hostel to stay at, although there are useful details regarding these. It is more an account of Angela's personal journey to find out about herself, beginning with the tidying up of all of her affairs before leaving, and leading into the first steps on her journey.

There are happy times, but also times when there is a feeling of not being comfortable within a country.

Further travel beckons, but there is also a need for family and friends.


What Might Have Been, by Dorinda Sandhu



Maria is a young single woman who works at a local supermarket with her best friend, Janice. One day the handsome and charismatic Louie asks Maria out on a date. However, Louie has a bad reputation and Janice worries that her friend is heading into dangerous waters.

The day of the date arrives and all goes well. Louie is charming and attentive, and soon Maria finds herself falling for him, despite the warnings from her best friend.

Notwithstanding the warnings, Maria enters into a relationship with Louie, and for a while they are happy. But Louie runs with a pretty shady crowd. The smooth and sinister Frank appears on the scene, and events take a dramatic and harrowing turn...


The Rents, by Simon Butterworth



School is out, summer has officially started and the next thing on the list is the family summer holiday. At the age of sixteen, Jim is sure that this year's holiday is going to be the last one he goes on with his parents (The Rents). In his mind there was nothing they could do to stop him making this holiday one to remember - what were they going to do? Send him home?

Two weeks, summer sun, what's the worst that could happen?

Follow Jim on a summer holiday he is never going to forget.



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