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Our Top Five Books to Give You A Fright This Halloween

Our Top Five Books to Give You A Fright This Halloween

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It's the month of Halloween, and we're all in the mood for a bit of a scare. So, here are our top five books to give you a fright this Halloween.


1) Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier (1938)


Generations on, this Daphne du Maurier's chilling tale will still give you a creepy feeling. The book Rebecca continues to conjure up creepy imagery, and the scariest aspects of the book are those that are left unsaid, such as the lack of a name for the narrator to the gloomy death of the titled character. The novel poses many questions and leaves even more unanswered, particularly in regards to the lies told in a seemingly perfect marraige. This is definitely a story that will leave you sleeping with one eye open.


2) The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty (1971)


The movie adaptation had people running from the theatre screaming - the book isn't any more tame; in fact, it's worse. As with many adaptations, certain elements from the orginal source material were left unsaid - did you know that this book is based on a supposedly-true account? Blatty's story of demonic possession and exorcism will chill you to the bone and cut you to the quick. When a mother discovers that her little girl might just be the vessel for something far more sinister, things take a terrifying turn for the family and those involved. With a child able to imitate voices, spin her head around and know things that she simply shouldn't, this is a novel that might just leave you cold all over.


3) American Pyscho, by Brent Easton Ellis (1991)


Although not a horror story, this book certainly has terrifying elements. Whilst the film was amazing and incredibly unsettling, it has nothing on the original source material. A story of a man who is fighting a losing battle with his sanity and a story that encompasses the grizzliest murders that you can imagine, this novel is not for the faint of heart.


4) IT, by Stephen King (1986)


With a new adaptation out recently, this is definitely a frightening story and a dark novel. Stephen King's It has terrified people for years, with its creepy clown antagonist and vunerable children who are slowly being picked off one by one. One of his most famous novels, Stephen King certainly knew how to terrify readers and leave you with a cold tingle down your spine.


5) The Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris (1988)


If you thought the movie was scary, you haven't seen anything yet. Sociopath Hannibal Lecter is even more terrifying on paper, with his torturous mind games and unsettling charisma that leaves the reader confused, unsettled and cold. A book that could teach a master class on suspense and drama, it takes a sturdy disposition and a steady hand to finish this book, especially when Buffalo Bill is thrown in to the mix. You have been warned.


So, those are our five top recommendations for a frightening read this Halloween. What's the scariest book that you've ever read?



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