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Our Goals For 2021

Our Goals For 2021

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We hope everyone reading this had a great new year celebration and is looking forward to the times ahead. Most people will have started to implement their own new year’s resolutions. Losing weight, visiting a new country, spending more time with family are just a few resolutions we’re sure many people will have set themselves.


Of course, we have our own goals and targets set which are ready to be achieved. We want our targets to be inclusive for all of our authors as well as ourselves so we can help each other grow this year. Below are just a few of our aims for the year ahead:


To win a new book award

We have had many a book be awarded throughout the years such as Thor F. Jensen’s Salt Water and Spear tips, which was awarded the Expedition Book of The Year Award. This year, we want to see our authors receive more recognition by entering them in more awards in the hope of them receiving praise we believe they deserve.


To post a new video every week

Our YouTube channel is a platform is something we want to focus on more this year. Obviously, YouTube is best known for the videos uploaded on it and we want to take that to the next level. This year, we want to have a new video on all our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter along with our YouTube work. As a result, we hope this gives our authors and their work more exposure to the general public.


To hit 5000 followers

At the time of this post being written, we currently sit at 3,158 Twitter followers. Social media has proved to be pivotal in promoting an author and their books. We want to hit 5000 followers by the end of this year. It would be greatly appreciated if you give us a follow and spread the word to your friends and family as it would help all our authors out massively.


To be more environmentally friendly

With most of our book orders, we tend to send these out directly from our warehouse. This includes the use of a lot of paper and cardboard. This year, we want to improve on being more eco-friendly. So, our target is to recycle at least 80% of what we use. Whether that’s recycling the paper we use or the cardboard we no longer have use for, we would like to make ourselves more environmentally friendly and play our part in keeping the world a cleaner place. 


To open up a new office

As a company, we saw the books we publish rocket through 2020. We are now nearly hitting 60 books published a month and we have all our wonderful authors to thank for this. However, to accommodate this growth, we need more space to work in. So, our aim is to open up a new office to facilitate this. This may not even happen in the UK; it could even happen on the other side of the world…


So, these are just a few of our goals this year. What are yours? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter Page!



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