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Our Crime/Thriller Recommendations!

Our Crime/Thriller Recommendations!

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Got an itch for a gripping story, that will have you at the edge of your seat? We have many amazing crime/thriller novels, and today we thought we’d pick out a few!


At Her Service

Michel Prince


Harrison Cordell knows the new ride app, RYD, created for those who work at AYS Protection, is a test from his boss. One that might bring him a huge promotion if he can woo the right kind of client.

When Mackenzie Turner's delicate fingers tap on her phone, the line between client and lover will be tested.

Kenzie Turner is gutting out a boss from hell. Learning from one of the top CFOs in the country. When she's asked to test out the new RYD app, she never thinks she'll be picked up by a man she can only want, but never have.

There must be a way to get around the no-touch client rule; only she may need more than his touch when an outside threat puts her life in danger.

Will Harrison give Kenzie the ride of her life? Or will they stall out before they even leave the curb?




The Auction

John Reid


In his latest murder investigation, DCI Steve Burt is drawn into the sleazy underbelly of London - gentlemen's clubs and all - while tracking down a serial killer who is murdering young women and dumping their bodies soon afterwards.

Then the body of an American professor is found floating in the Thames, and the DCI and his team find themselves involved in another murder case - which is by no means a straightforward killing. In his search for answers, the DCI and his nearest and dearest are threatened as he uncovers police corruption at the highest level. As the investigation unfolds, links are discovered between murder, an attempt to auction a stolen formula for green energy, and unauthorised CIA activity in London.

This is DCI Steve Burt's most complicated and most baffling case to date.



No Trails to Mawson

Max Cutcliffe


When their yacht hits an iceberg, four friends suddenly find themselves fighting for survival. Having already detoured south to collect scientific samples, they then have to try and sail north to safety. With a hole in the hull and insufficient fuel in the pump, they are blown far off course, until they are wrecked on the Antarctic coast, on Scullin Monolith.
Their only hope of survival is to make the one-hundred-mile trip to the scientific base of Mawson Station. En route they not only have to compete with the inhospitable Antarctic weather and terrain, lack of food and sickness, they also have to outrun and outwit two illegal diamond miners hellbent on murdering them.


Five Days in May

m.d. newcombe


"Sometimes what you least expect is just what makes life interesting, like opportunity knocking. If you're lucky, it'll only knock you for a loop. Then again, it could knock the door completely off its hinges as everything blows up in your face, trigger a sudden turn of events, an unsuspecting chain reaction and the last day of the rest of your life-interesting!"
Welcome to Mick Lannigan's crooked little corner of the world, where he keeps a silent partner handy to do all the talking for him; a charismatic private-eye who played his cards like an ace until an ex-girlfriend and her new male acquaintance were murdered-blown sky-high-in an apartment explosion. Based on motive and opportunity, he was the only legitimate suspect the police could implicate, but that was the least of his worries. Unbeknownst to Mick, the young man who was killed was the son of Mafioso boss, G. Luciano Fandano, and catching up with the detective - already stumbling through unfamiliar territory and in way over his head - Fandano gives him until midnight the next day to track down, and deliver, the real assassin if he ever wants to see another sunrise...



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