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New Books for Your Reading Radar

New Books for Your Reading Radar

 |  Book Nook

The hour (or month) groweth late, and that means only one thing; publication day is coming for us all. 

That is, thankfully, a good thing, and today we wanted to spotlight five books from our upcoming roster that we're really excited about. Make sure you check out these books, and make sure you have a look at our wider catalogue over on our "Coming Soon" page. 

Thom Donovan- The Twin Affair

Thom Donovan’s hard-hitting new novel “The Twin Affair” examines the relatable struggle of identity and the self; who we are compared to who we used to be. Donovan’s story follows businesswoman Maggie Franklin as she navigates the morally questionable landscape of her workplace, an environment that clashes with how she views herself. Surrounded by shady characters with dollar signs in their eyes and dependent on brushing shoulders with crooks, will Maggie lose herself entirely, or will she return to the beaten path?

Tim Owen- The Locked Door

The Locked Door is a collection of poetry that calls out to those who feel as though their jigsaw piece will never quite fit the puzzle. Tim Owen presents a collection of thoughtful and compassionate poetry, extending a hand to those who feel like they have fallen out of step with those around them.

Gill Sherry- A Serious Dilemma

Former football manager Crawford Kelly has a murderous secret, and his wife, Florentina, is battling demons of her own as she is forced to come to terms with a decision she made three decades prior. The only shining light in their lives is their children. They’re happy, right? Or are they? Their only son, Thomas, is haunted by his father’s criminal past as someone out there seeks to expose them.

John Jones- What Does This Pill Do Then?

There’s something in the food. It’s making us complacent, numb to the transgressions of politicians and apathetic to blatant corporate greed. We have become a herd of human cattle, our behaviour predictable and obvious.

John Jones paints a picture of a bleak future where a network of corporate and governmental agencies have used the pharmaceutical supplements we rely so heavily on to force us into subservience. Their wicked plans do not slip by without opposition, though; a group of intrepid anarchists are keen to blow their scheme wide open.

J.L. Grey- Rubber Brides

J.L. Grey’s Rubber Brides is a collection of vulnerable prose poetry that will reach through your chest and take hold of your heart. It may not always be gentle, but it will be resonant, raw and thorough.

Grey writes with candour that cannot be emulated, and she bolsters her vivid descriptions with metaphors and analogies that range from earthly to cosmic, writing of “second-hand smoke and snow” and being “downwind of deep space”.




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