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National Poetry Day 2020

National Poetry Day 2020

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With the working week nearly at a close, we would like to say a big happy poetry day to all the esteemed poets who have written some fantastic poems over the years!


National Poetry Day is designed to get readers of all ages into not only writing poetry, but reading it too. Here at Pegasus, we have some incredible pieces of poetry published with varying topics and drama throughout.  


Listed below are a few examples of some of the poetry we to offer. Why not give them a read? We know you’ll be at home by 10PM… So, give them a go!


The River by Bard

Bard’s book, The River, was part of our March releases earlier this year. This book started as a metaphor, then turned into a poem, to become this series of illustrated reflections on the life cycle of a river. Its sole purpose is to encourage you to enjoy, reflect and meditate on the mysteries of Nature and what they say about the rhythms and cycles of our own existence.


Prayers for Bobby by James Martin

James Martin, growing up in halcyon Sydney in the 1970's, had never heard the name 'Bobby Fischer'. And yet, when this most controversial, both fêted and maligned, and much-loved American won the World Chess Championship against incumbent Boris Spassky of Russia, in Reykyavik, Iceland in 1972, he was, having singlehandedly done what neither Napoleon or Hitler could do-annex Moscow-in the words of one observer, in world-wide fame second only to Jesus Christ. Fischer, an intensely private man, "had a problem". In apparent solution to that 'problem', Fischer - disappeared...


The Years of Breaking by Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Breaking apart. Breaking down. Written over the course of nine years, The Years of Breaking explores a chronological healing process through postpartum psychosis, grief, miscarriage, sexual assault, and trauma.
While it is the narrative of the author, Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, and a testament of her experience, the pieces string together a beautiful and heart-breaking story that many can relate to. It is the story of a soul that falls apart completely, digs into the darkness, and finds life on the other side of fear.
The acknowledgement that she is me and I am her, allowing your breath to linger at the core of the earth, and pulling the pieces of yourself back home. There is always light amidst the darkness, and hope shines through in The Years of Breaking.


Splashes of Hues by Neha Batool

Neha Batool's new anthology, Splashes of Hues, combines accessibility and depth. These warmly appealing poems concern deep and personal themes like self-worth, fulfilment, rejection, love - all splashed onto the page from a colourful palette (Colourful Melodies).

The poems are often very short and make a single, telling statement (Wings and Autumn Leaf).

They mainly draw on nature for their vivid imagery. In Thalassophile, the subject of the poem identifies with sunsets and splashing waves.

Neha Batool encourages her readers to be free (Be You), to cultivate self-worth (Self-Worth), and not its opposite (In His Shadows). We need others (The Magician and Friends) and a sense of integrity (Unity).

These poems are little uplifting gems inspired by ‘facets of life'. We are asked to share Neha Batool's sense that ‘every day brings a new adventure', one that will improve our sense of self-worth, we hope.




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