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National Poetry Day 2019

National Poetry Day 2019

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Every year we celebrate National Poetry Day, and this year it falls on Thursday, October the 3rd. It's a day we enjoy, share and discover poets and their creative way with words!

Poetry is a form of literature where people express their feelings, emotions or experiences, which really does make it unique. There are tons of different types of poetry out there to suit everyone whatever your taste.


Ready to open the doors to verbal artistry? We’ve given you a head start and put together a list of our favourite poetry at Pegasus!





Through the Leaves of My Tree

Liz Gillespie


Poetry is a unique craft of words driven by the inner thoughts of the poet's personal experiences.
In this collection by Liz Gillespie most of the material is gleaned from her personal life and family.
The enjoyment of poetry is not only to absorb the subject but to read it... unfettered with grammar and punctuation conventions. If you have a musical aptitude, you will automatically create your very own song with the natural cadence of the verses.
A well-written and thought provoking list of stanzas.




Does Butter Fly?

Flick Jones


Does Butter Fly? is a charming collection of children's poems for young readers to enjoy. Coupled with enchanting illustrations, readers will be smiling from the very first page. Filled with delightfully imaginative characters, such as Monica Veronica, Slender Brenda and Paddy, the dandy cat, there is a poem in here for all to enjoy.







Welcome to My Rage

Malcolm K. Needham


Welcome to My Rage is an engaging and moving collection of poetry covering a broad sweep of themes incorporating the miners' strike, the beauty of the Yorkshire moors, and the pain of poverty and disability.


Exploring diverse aspects of the human condition, from first love to the grief of loss, these poems will connect readers to their own experiences of love, longing, beauty and rage.


Dipping into these poems will reveal how these intimate and familiar experiences and shared emotions can transform and shape us.




Food, Culture, Latin America

Matt Simkin


A love for food and travel, but riddled with apathy from a mundane routine; surely there's a way to be happier and combine the things you love in life?


The dull working life inspired this enticing travelogue on how food and culture influence the varied regions across Latin America with a backpacker's voice. Travelling from Mexico down to Patagonia in Argentina, Simkin takes a profound look into the Latino culture with enthusiasm and pragmatism. Stepping away from the gringo trail and exploring everything from islands to jungles, mountains, beaches, favelas and cities.


Simkin recounts his adventures with vivid detail and honesty through the journey, whilst reflecting on his life and girl back home, affectionately called the GBH.

The story of how food reflects the culture across the continent makes this a relatable and unique story for food, culture and travel lovers alike.



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