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National Picnic Month | Great Reads for Under the Sun

National Picnic Month | Great Reads for Under the Sun

 |  Fun and Games

It's National Picnic Month at the minute, and what a great month to have it on! We seem to have gotten very lucky with the weather recently, so why not make the most out of it and go out for a nice picnic!


Better yet… Nothing beats laying in a nice spot, catching some sun, and reading a gripping thriller, or a light-hearted poetry book.


If that sounds like something you’d like, keep reading to find 4 great reads, that will make a great companion for your picnic escapades.



My Little Persian Kitchen



My Little Persian Kitchen is a collection of incredible flavours, visually stunning food and stories inspired by Persia. As you journey through this book you will learn about the delicate herbs and spices used in both modern and traditional Persian cooking, and the secret ingredient, time.


You can expect to find flavours ranging from the smoky woody notes of cardamom to the delicate flavours of saffron and everything in between.


The recipes in this book will delight and have you going back time and time again.


My Little Persian Kitchen is a sultry assault on the senses!


The Auction



In his latest murder investigation, DCI Steve Burt is drawn into the sleazy underbelly of London - gentlemen's clubs and all - while tracking down a serial killer who is murdering young women and dumping their bodies soon afterwards.


Then the body of an American professor is found floating in the Thames, and the DCI and his team find themselves involved in another murder case - which is by no means a straightforward killing. In his search for answers, the DCI and his nearest and dearest are threatened as he uncovers police corruption at the highest level. As the investigation unfolds, links are discovered between murder, an attempt to auction a stolen formula for green energy, and unauthorised CIA activity in London.


This is DCI Steve Burt's most complicated and most baffling case to date.


Poems of Nature and The Countryside



I know a bank where the wild violets grow


And daffodils stand massed like sentries in a row;

Where the first daisies open their whitened eyes


To blink at the spring sunshine in surprise.


Follow the seasons through the eyes of poet, Mike Springate, in his charming collection of poems about the ever-changing aspects of his landscape through the year.


A Third of a Pond



After years of cruising along the French waterways in their canal boat, de Villehardouin, Valerie Helps and her husband Geoffrey, decide to put down roots on terra firma.


In the Loiret region of central France they discover a pond, a dilapidated farmhouse and a neglected garden which tick all their boxes. What follows is a great deal of backbreaking work and commitment, but the love the two have for each other, for the country and for the friends they make deep in the French countryside make it all worthwhile.


Beautifully illustrated and written, this book is filled with vivid descriptions as Valerie's generous and loving eye for nature and all its seasons adds another rich layer to this lush tale, while the antics of the inhabitants of the pond and the creatures from the forest dance through the pages.



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