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Naila Moloo | The Globe and Mail and Ottawalife

Naila Moloo | The Globe and Mail and Ottawalife

 |  News

Naila Moloo, the author of Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild, was featured by The Globe and Mail and Ottawalife!


Naila Moloo, who published her first book in her early teens, is doing more than just writing.

"At the young age of 15, she has set out to give back to the world in an extraordinary way—she is on a mission to create a better, more efficient solar panel."


Naila has been featured by The Globe and Mail, in an article on 6 Canadians that are advocating for the planet.


You can read the full article here:


Naila was also asked several questions by Ottawalife, where she goes into detail about her goals and aspirations. You can check out that article here:


If you are interested in Naila's book, you can purchase a copy here:





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