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My Little Persian Kitchen | Interviewed by ManotoTV

My Little Persian Kitchen | Interviewed by ManotoTV

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Newly published author, Rebekah Jones, has recently been interviewed by ManotoTV. As a little girl, Rebekah used to watch and helped her father with the cooking. Rebekah started off by sharing her love of Persian food and recipes on her Instagram about 2 years ago. The response that Rebekah received from people was overwhelming. Check out the full interview here!





Rebekah Jones has put together a trailblazer of Persian cookery. My Little Persian Kitchen is a collection of incredible flavours, visually stunning food and stories inspired by Persia. The delicious and mouth-watering recipes in this book will delight your tastebuds and have you going back time and time again for more. My Little Persian Kitchen is a sultry assault on the senses that will have you cooking in no time with easy to follow recipes. This book is a must for all the amateur or professional chefs out there.


"I guess it is this. These little smiles, the memories and the way that food brings people together, sparks a conversation, and evokes a warm feeling inside you."



You can grab a copy of Rebekah's book here!



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