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Know Yourself, Understand Others | Review

Know Yourself, Understand Others | Review

 |  Author Life

We recently received a lovely review from Dr J. Main, check out below to see what he thought! 


"This book is a delight. Full of the accumulated experience and wisdom of a counsellor’s professional lifetime, each of us can find ourselves, and those we love, in its pages.


Written in a gentle, kind, easy to read style, it nevertheless goes straight to the heart of the difficulties and problems we encounter in our relationships throughout life, with an understanding born of the many, many human stories with which the writer is familiar.


It talks about life, personal difficulties and relationships as they really are, and not as we sometimes imagine things should be. The writing style is direct, speaking to each of us as the reader.


Through its pages, we come to see that we are not alone, we all need to learn on life’s journey, and that help is available if we need it.


This is a book that everyone should read, for its understanding, its reassurance, and its ability to help us see a way forward whatever our difficulties."




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