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International Women's Day - Celebrating Our Female Authors

International Women's Day - Celebrating Our Female Authors

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With it being International Women's Day, we wanted to take some time to celebrate some of our wonderful female authors, who over the years, have created works some amazing works of art (because that what books are!).




We will start with Sue Woodcock , who was born in London and brought up by her grandmother in the home counties. She went to St Swithun's school at Winchester, and then on to technical college. She joined the Hampshire Constabulary where she served in many roles for nearly thirty years, ending as a country beat officer on a motorcycle. She then moved to Yorkshire, became a shepherd in the Dales and did many jobs. On retiring from that, she settled down in the Yorkshire Wolds, writing a weekly diary in the Yorkshire Post, singinging in three choirs, and has three elderly dogs. She enjoys wool-craft, needlework, music, gardening, nature and some public speaking.




You can find Sue's work (most notably her Saul Catchpole Novels) here:



Muriel Freeborn was ninety years old when she began her book, Ellie Hopeson 91 in 2017. Inspired by the life of a friend, who had been a writer, and had recently died, her writing proved to be therapeutic and an unexpected pleasure. She is interested in making music with friends and is a member of her local church. She lives in Wiltshire. She has written for the elderly and the very elderly, and also for the young, who will be elderly one day.



Muriel's work can be found here:



Finally, we would like to mention Anne Bolam who, at her family's request, wrote a synopsis of her time as a nurse.

Since writing the book Don't Drop it, Nurse, Anne suffered a second stroke, but was determined to finish book two, despite difficulty with her eyesight.

Anne continues to be as active as she can. She enjoys going to church, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends. Anne also loves being in the company of dogs.

Anne's motto continues to be:
Do the things you are able to do, and forget what you were able to do in the past.





You can find both of her books here:



We would like to thank all of our female authors for your time and commitment to your work, and look forward to many more brilliant tales to be made and told to the world.



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