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International Women's Day 2023- Celebrating Women in Literature

International Women's Day 2023- Celebrating Women in Literature

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The rich history of literature is paved with the writings of female authors, and it would be an understatement to say that it would look thoroughly incomplete without them. From the expertly penned prose of Jane Austen to the firebrand feminist writings of Margaret Atwood, women’s perspective in literature has been crucial in shaping and transforming its' vast and varied landscape since the beginning.

It's not just the classics that should capture our attention though! There are an abundance of female authors working today who are crafting tremendous literary works in every genre. We’d like to take the time on this annual International Women’s Day to direct the spotlight toward some of the wonderful female authors in the Pegasus catalogue.


Mariel Gates joined our roster in 2021 with “The Briarwood Girls”, and as of this year has published her second novel “Aubrey”, a book that provides an in-depth, true to life view of a world that Gates- being a former world-class triathlete- is very familiar with; Division I Athletics. With this novel, Gates uses the character of Aubrey to examine the difficult and sometimes toxic world of elite athletics from the perspective of a woman who has found herself failed by the justice system, after suffering trauma at the hands of a fellow athlete.

Mariel is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Oregon School of Law, and presently resides in Idaho with her husband and three children. Her writing is often borne of her own experiences, and typically features a strong female protagonist who must overcome mountainous obstacles.

You can find Mariel’s novels on our website, and you can view her website here.


C. Botti published her poetry book “Living Chaos” with us in January of this year; her first published collection of poetry. She is based in Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing a BA in social work. She has been an avid reader from a young age, and had always wanted to get her own words written down and into the hands and minds of readers.

The book features poems that draw upon her own experiences, but also maintain an air of inspirational relatability. Botti herself states in her author biography that she wants to impact others in the best way she can, and inform readers with her poetry that whatever they may be suffering through, they are not the only one.

You can find Botti’s poetry collection “Living Chaos” on our website.


Moving over to the world of memoirs and self-help, we published Annie Cardone’s “Menopause WTH!” in 2022, a book that seeks to deconstruct the stigma surrounding women and the aging process. Cardone draws on her own experiences to provide a guide to women around the world, supplying simple and workable solutions on how to overcome stress and toxicity.

Annie Cardone has spent an illustrious career as a model and as a marketing executive in both England and the United States of America. She has a passion for teaching communication skills to women who have suffered through childhood trauma, violence and abuse, in order to help them navigate life and take better care of themselves.

You can find Annie’s latest book “Menopause WTH” on our website.

We are deeply grateful for our female authors and their contributions to the world of literature.



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