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International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

 |  Author Life

September 19th is nearly upon us, and with it, one of the most important events of the year! 


Okay, it's not the most important event... But it's up there!

Of course, we are referring to Talk Like a Pirate Day! And what better way to get you into character, than to read some brilliantly pirate-themed books!

You'll find some great novels below, as well as some children's pirates books, to get the young scallywags in the mood too!



The Adventure Galley Volume 1: Captain Morgan's Treasure

Marie-Helene Therrien and Steve Garvie

In 1674, Captain Kidd aboard the Adventure Galley, narrowly escaped the attack of Captain Henry Morgan, a privateer who returned to the Caribbean after a few years of captivity in England, at the request of the Queen of Spain, for storming Panama City with more than 1,000 men. Henry Morgan, a poor navigator but an excellent strategist, had a reputation for being the cruellest pirate of his time, but Charles II, King of England, nevertheless decided to appoint him a knight.

Henry Morgan plundered many treasures, but mutineers will steal the most precious he has ever possessed.

This novel, based on real events, evokes Captains Kidd and Morgan's lives, leading readers on a hectic adventure.



A Pirate's Promise

Rachael Lindsay

Mysterious footprints in the sand. A fallen map.
Who has been visiting a secret sea-cave and what has been their business?
Hobnail and her friends, Warty Toad and Snidey Slug, have a problem. They do not want uninvited guests - especially when they are sometimes strangely invisible.
But Marnie McPhee and her loyal pi-rat, Romany Ratticus, have made a promise.
A promise to drowned shipmates.
More trouble comes Hobnail's way when Liar-nel, the Leaf Man, discovers pirate pretties are being stowed away in the Dark Hole. She will have to act quickly if she is to outsmart him and help Marnie to keep her promise.
Because a pirate's promise is never broken.



The Pirates of Pepper Pot Point

Michele Schultz

The Pirates of Pepper Pot Point is the story of a little boy named Peter that has a scary adventure with a pirate who circles the waters of a town called Pepper Pot Point. During this adventure, Peter befriends this pirate and teaches him a valuable lesson, friends are worth more than their weight in gold.



Papi the Pirate

Georgia Marshall

Papi the Pirate has a fondness for honey and his bees, but sometimes spends too much time trying to take the honey from the bees. Fighting bees when you should be steering the ship can soon get you into trouble. How will Papi get his ship back out to sea?



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