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International Children’s Book Day | Pegasus’ Top Picks!

International Children’s Book Day | Pegasus’ Top Picks!

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Today is International Children’s Book Day! A day to celebrate all the magic of kids literature and pictures!


Without knowing it, almost all of us would have been influenced in some way by a book we read as a child, be it Peter Pan, The Hungry Caterpillar or Dr. Seuss! There are so many fantastic children’s books out there, it was really hard to tie it down to our top 4 recommendations for this year’s event, but we managed it! Have a look at our top picks for International Children’s Book Day 2019, here!




Frankie Learns to Fly by Johann Van der Walt 



Frankie is a worm who wants to explore the world above ground. The other worms tell him that the world is a dangerous place, full of animals and creatures who want to harm him.


But his mother tells Frankie that he can do anything if he wants it enough, and so he learns to climb the Big Tunnel which eventually takes him up to the sunshine and a whole new world. By making friends with some of the creatures he meets, Frankie learns that they are not the enemies that he has been led to believe.


Frankie's one wish is to fly high in the sky like the birds, but will the fact that he has no wings stop him? Will he have enough determination to achieve his goal?




Max and Milky Make it to Mars by Maria Sproulle 



Max, who is tired of getting bullied, wants to visit Mars and the Martians he met on the Moon. Could his great-uncle, Professor Boggle, help him again? Or the Professor's colleague who has "acquired" a spaceship.


However, Dr. Anna is not all she seems. And why is her niece, Milky, acting like a zombie?


Getting up to Mars is difficult what with the Professor unconscious and Milky trying to clip the photon sail but eventually Max manages it.


But how can his Martian friends possibly live in such a hostile environment? What do Max and Milky learn that will be vital for their survival?


On the way home they are forced to dock at the International Space Station which has been hijacked by Dr. Anna and her evil crew.


Can their Martian friends rescue them? And what role does the Black Hole at the centre of our Universe play?




The Tales of the Little Five by Jo Sargent 



A great deal is known about the ‘Big Five' game animals of the African continent. However, the ‘Little Five' creatures are often overlooked.


In this charming collection of moral tales, we meet Evan the Antlion, Nelson the Elephant Shrew, Max the Rhino Beetle, Shellby the Leopard Tortoise and Abbey the Buffalo Weaver.


Join their adventures as they face danger, help to solve problems, and learn lessons about the world, and themselves.




The Rescue by Wendy Balfour 



Trouble is stirring in fairyland. Noni Woods is under threat and now it's up to the fairies of the magical forest island to rescue their friends! It is a mission that will take all of their courage - and their kindness - if they are to bring everyone safely home.


This is a story of bravery, friendship and love.



Any of those take your fancy? We hope you are celebrating International Children’s Day with us, if you still haven’t found your perfect children’s read, check out our full collection here!




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