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How to Read More in 2020

How to Read More in 2020

 |  Fun and Games


Reading has proven to improve concentration, reduces stress, improve memory and make us smarter. Plus, it’s fun (unless you’re not reading the right book that is)

If your new year's resolution is to read more then we’ve put together a list to help you reach your goal in 2020!




Read-only what you want to read


Don’t read something just because it’s what everyone is talking about at the moment, or it’s the best seller in your nearest book store.


Instead, find books that spark your interest and curiosity, you’ll find yourself enjoying them more and getting through books faster.




Set a reading goal


Having a reading goal helps you work out how much reading you need to do in a week, a day or a month.




Make a reading list


To keep a reading momentum always have a book ready. Make a list of all the books you want to read and then check them off once you’ve read that book, this will make it a challenge and more fun.



Use your free time


Rather than scrolling for the latest tweets on twitter or what new filter an acquaintance has posted on Instagram, use that time to read a chapter or two.

Also, carry a book around with you wherever you go you never know when you might be standing in a long queue.



Find a quiet place


Reading requires you to be focused. If you’re surrounded by loud noise, you’re bound to get distracted and have to re-read previous pages. So, choose a nice, comfortable, quiet space. You will read more in half an hour of focused reading than in 2 hours of interrupted reading.



Make it part of your daily routine


No matter how busy you are, you will always find time to read. Making it as part of your daily routine removes the hassle of deciding when to read each day. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so do it for 21 days than reading will just be like cleaning your teeth!



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