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How to Promote Children's Books

How to Promote Children's Books

 |  Author Academy

How to promote children’s books



You wouldn’t market children’s books to a book club for thrillers, would you? Different genres require unique marketing strategies. But what are the main differences? 


Firstly, there are lot of kids books in our current market. It’s one of the biggest and most popular genres of books. One place you can market your book, where no other genre can, is schools. But before we start, let’s think of a plan.




Talk to your publicist about workshops. You need to give an interesting plan or proposal to the school. Aside from a simple reading and Q&A session, we advise looking at the topic of your book and doing something relevant and interesting. The publicity team could arrange some black and white pictures from your colour illustrations so they can be coloured by the children. Think of something interesting and educational.


Remember your buyer


Although the readers will be children, the buyers will be adults. The current demographic is 70% female, most between the ages of 30 and 44. Remember to keep this is mind when promoting your book.


Social media


Make sure you have social media platforms such as Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram. Start posting daily with popular hashtags such as #ChildrensBooks #EarlyReaders #KidsBooks. Share pictures too!


Local bookstores and libraries


When you can (if you can) try and pop into your local shops and introduce yourself as a local author. Let them know you have some good reviews, if you do. Inform them that the book is easily available through distribution networks such as Ingram and Gardners Books.


Plan a school visit


Once you have a workshop planned, you and your publicist can begin contacting schools and booking in physical or virtual events. Make sure you are organised – have the age group for the books ready, the press release and so on.




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