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How to Approach Bloggers and Reviewers

How to Approach Bloggers and Reviewers

 |  Author Corner

At Pegasus, we have an ever-growing list of bloggers and reviewers whom we contact in regards to our new releases. However, some bloggers prefer to approached directly by an author, as this appears more personal. So, how should you go about doing this?


1. Research

Search for blogs relevant to your book's subject and target audience - there's no point sending a thriller to a blogger who focuses mainly on romance novels! 


2. It's Not Just in the Writing

Don't limit yourself to only written blogs - many work through video blog posts. So, YouTube is another good place to search. There's a thriving community of book 'vloggers' out there, who discuss, review and recommend books. This can be particularly useful if you get a good review, because you might just get brought up in future videos.


3. Attitude

When you approach a reviewer, you need to be professional, but friendly. Don't be too familiar with them - this isn't a friend that you're talking to. But, at the same time, don't be cold and distant. Treat them like you would treat any other professional. Many bloggers and reviewers will also have a list of rules on their websites about how to contact them and the types of books they are accepting for review. 


4. Don't Harass Them

If a blogger or reviewer doesn't respond, or declines, continue to be polite and accept this as a no. They might change their mind at a later date, so you don't want to ruin any potential relationships with them. Don't 'spam' them with repeated emails, as you're more likely to get ignored, than get a positive response. Move on and try other bloggers - there's plenty out there.


5. Keep Your Cool

If a blogger does agree to read and review your book, then you need to maintain your professionalism at all times - even if the review is negative. Not every book is going to be for every reader, so if you don't get a great review, don't contact the blogger and shout at them for not giving you a five-star response. Likewise, if you receive negative reviews by those who have bought the book, don't respond and don't lose your head.



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