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Hilary Downey - Author Life

Hilary Downey - Author Life

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Hilary Downey published her fourth book, CentreStone, in November 2017. As a returning author, we felt it was time to catch up with Hilary and find how life has treated her since becoming a published author.



Did you always dream of becoming an author?


I always saw everything I did in life as a natural progression to be achieved one step at a time. I did write, and win awards for writing at school. I also knew it was important to learn grammar, type, overcome shyness and learn to speak out. Prior to becoming an author, I studied many subjects that were later important to my writing, even though I did not know at that time that they would be. I had realised at a young age that it is important to achieve skills first. Without them, no goal can be realised. Becoming an author was an outcome of all these achievements, including the realisation that I had something to say.


What was your first job?


After leaving school, I became a primary school teacher. I enjoyed motivating children in working hard to achieve high standards in all that they did.


How did you come about writing your book? Was that your intention or did you start writing for fun?


I started writing regularly when I joined a meditation group. It was then that I realised my goal in life was to discover truth, whether palatable or not. An outcome of this experience was clear and concise inspiration, which I wrote down. From this, every experience in life has taught me and mostly I have recorded them.


What was your life like before you became an author?


I have always had a very busy and active life. When I first started writing regularly, I would sit down late at night when the house was quiet. This time of writing was joyful.


Did you face any struggles before becoming an author? If so, how did you overcome them?


I think everyone on the planet faces struggles in life. I never had an expectation that life would be easy. It was just life. I always grasped opportunities and took risks as I embraced change. I never felt complacent, only grateful for the opportunities to learn many things. I do remember saying that I only wanted to learn what was useful, so that everything could come together.


Now that you are a published author, how has your life changed, if at all?


I am older now, so the change of lifestyle is partly due to that and partly to my desire for many years to live a life of simplicity, only attracting joyful people.


Can you please describe a typical day in your life now?


My typical day will sound boring to most people. Whatever mundane tasks I am doing, at the same time I am receiving a teaching, or at least a wider awareness for that moment. Some I write or record, and some I embrace as personal contact. This inner world is quite naturally integrated with my daily physical life. I may sit in contemplation, eat out or meet a friend. I do some Tai Chi Chuen exercise daily. This is life at the moment but, like it has many times in the past, it could completely change on the turn of a dime. I so love this time now.


What is your most memorable moment of your life as an author?


The joy of finalising a writing so it expresses the words, feelings and knowledge - all embodied as one. I feel privileged to receive, and write what I receive. The harder work is crafting the book so all the writings work together.


How would you best sum up your experience with Pegasus Publishers?


The people I have worked with have always listened to my requests and done their best to achieve them with me. We work as a team because I am clear about each book. If I had the opportunity though, I would change all the covers to look like the cover on my latest book, CentreStone. It is a more simple cover. Time and experience teaches us what we really like.



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