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Helpful tips about social media platforms!

Helpful tips about social media platforms!

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With technology advancing enormously over recent years, we are more reliant on our phones and computers than ever before. What feels like many moons ago, to promote yourself, you put your name in the local paper in an attempt to make yourself more popular. But, with relative ease, you can now promote yourself much more easily and better than before due to the success and innovation of social media.


For all our authors, we suggest using or creating various social media accounts to help with the promotion and publicity process for their books. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are becoming an essential for everybody. Take advantage of this! Create an account and start promoting your book and yourself.


Need some advice on how to do this? No worries! Below are some helpful tips on how to kickstart your social media presence.



  • Profile pictures / cover photos – This doesn’t have to be a photo of you, necessarily. If you don’t feel comfortable having your own picture taken, have the cover of your book as your profile picture. This exposes the book more as it is the first image someone will see when clicking your profile. (We can provide you with a high-resolution image to use, as well as banners.)


  • ‘About’ section - Your "about" section is one of the first places people will look when they arrive on your page. Try to include a bit about yourself and what you like to do and, again, include a little piece about your book too.


  • Choose a call-to-action button – A cool feature which Facebook added back in 2014 was the call to action button. This allows you to link any website to your page. So, feel free to link our website so that people can visit your book page.



  • Logo – Similar to a profile picture, this is the first image someone will see on your page. Again, make this picture about you or about your book.


  • Business description – This is limited to 150 characters so be brief and highlight the main points. Also, use popular hashtags to appeal to a wider audience as this is the way trends are searched on Instagram.


  • URL- This section allows you to put a website in your bio. Use this wisely by linking people to a page about your book.



  • Tweet frequently – In order to gain followers, you will need to keep updating your Twitter content frequently. Try to keep this constant but not overwhelming as people will unfollow you if you bombard their feed. Don’t just tweet about your book – keep it varied, conversational and don’t make every tweet a hard sell.


  • Pictures – As Twitter has a character limit of 250, try to include images specific to your book when tweeting a long tweet. The more the book is visually promoted, the more likely people are to buy it.


  • Use hashtags – By using hashtags, you allow others to search a word and your post will appear. For example, if you tweet #bookworm, people will be able to see your post and, by extension, your profile, if they search that hashtag. Keep this specific to your book to increase its popularity.



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