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Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

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June is LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the riots held by members of the LGBT community against a police raid that took place at the Stonewall Inn in New York City on June 28, 1969. 


In the following years, celebrations spread across the country and that was the start of 'Pride' a time for parties, parades, remembrance, love and support. 


To celebrate Pride month we have put together a list of books you should add to your reading list!





Letting Go

Kent Hung



Andrew's outlook has been moulded by a childhood brought up alone by his mother, by his fear of abandonment which developed from that childhood and by the numerous losses in his life.


Eleven years later, following a tragic event, Andrew suddenly has to re-evaluate his own life and struggle to find self-acceptance and learn to let go.


In the end, Andrew realizes he has to embrace change. But who or what will he be Letting Go?






The Seven

Erin Curran


Do you remember Thursday's child, Friday's child and the rest? That's who the Seven are, all with individual special abilities which are related to their own day of birth. How do they interact with those who aren't part of their special group? And what do those normal humans think about the Seven?

Thursday's child has far to go. But how far will she go to protect the other members of the Seven?

Would you want to have the ability to heal, just like Friday's child, who is loving and giving? And what happens when Wednesday's child is full of woe?

Do they all have to stay together - and alive - for all their abilities to work properly?

And what happens when one of the Seven seems to be determined to control - or worse - the remaining six members of the group?

All it takes is two words: "It's Sunday."





Shaw Initiation

Xavier Wallace



When General Patrick "Hulk" Scott, head of the Australian Intelligence Service (AIS) recruits the young and promising Max Shaw, he knows the man's talents are unusual and desirable.

But as Max goes through training and orientation and learns what becoming an intelligence agent is all about, Hulk and his cohorts start to see Shaw has something truly rare: an instinct for what to do and when to do it, and a speed and ruthlessness that makes him one of the most dangerous young agents the Service has ever seen.

Almost before training is even over, Max "Prince" Shaw is pushed into active duty. There is an unholy trinity, conspiring for their own reasons, to bring down the fall of humanity. Max is relentless in his pursuit of the people responsible for the wave of terror, while questioning the actions he must take to succeed, including lying to the man he loves.

Shaw and his new friends Blake, Jacob "Flash" Gordon and their feisty comrade, Kate, must act with all due speed to stop the advancing hellish crusade.

This action-packed rollercoaster ride hurtles along breathlessly as these brave agents fight for the freedom of the world and race against time to save everyone in it.

Agent Max "Prince" Shaw's initiation has begun.











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