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Halloween Reads & Giveaway!

Halloween Reads & Giveaway!

 |  Fun and Games

Halloween is fast approaching, and we thought it’d be best to prepare early, so we picked out some of our top horror books, ready to send shivers down your spine!


Oh, and make sure you read till the end, as we have an exciting giveaway… Your chance to win one of the below books!



Temper's Twilight Tales and Treasures

Sharon Eberhardt


A witch flies around where she shouldn't be and startles the neighbours; a group of shady vampires gather in a small airfield; a little girl in a white nightgown always appears at scenes of fires; and many a love that cannot and will not die... All this and more in this treasury of twilight tales.

A collection of thrilling short stories and poems, that are haunting, thought-provoking, heartbreaking and chilling. You may be brave enough to want to read them around a campfire or they will have you reading through the night - with the lights on.




Paula Jane Rodgers


A number of years have passed since Lisa Brook moved to the Lake District with her son, Peter, and her mother, Elizabeth, who has gone on to marry a wealthy man.

It is during an out-of-body experience that Lisa witnesses a winged entity try to take her grandfather's soul, but her ‘Curator Angelus' intervenes. Before a fatal accident, she receives an unexpected message via the intended victim.

Now, Lisa needs to work out what it is that's trying to draw her back home to Beechwood and what it was that attempted to take her grandfather's soul.

Lisa receives a message from a spirit from her past, but will she carry out what is asked of her?
There are betrayals along the way, but there is no room for sentiment, whoever the individual might be.



The Demon Who Prays

Carlston B. Maglangit


I was accused of starting this pandemic, a disease with no cure. I fell in love with the devil's offer to make me beautiful. In return, I offered him seven souls-a pact I was not completely ready for, because the seventh soul is the one I truly love, Miguel. I broke that deal, and the devil was not happy about this. And then, he started to collect the souls himself, by spreading the disease that started in the town of Santa Filomena, a flesh-eating virus that gave its victims a glimpse of hell through unbearable pain. If one gives in, the devil is assured of the soul.




The Small Shoe Society - Book 1

J.P. Bailey


Old Admiral Fleetwood departs the world and the Fleetwood family home, Falsefoot Ferns. Mr Dreadful, trusted attorney to the family, must carry out the old man's final dark request. Can a tiny pair of red shoes, buried deep in the walls of Falsefoot Ferns, be the key to unlocking the hidden door of an unspeakably evil society?
Dreadful follows carefully the creeping tendrils of old sin that stretch far beyond Falsefoot's rolling moors. Illuminated against the ghostly, freezing sea-haars and wreathed in wild Yorkshire storms are little red shoes...








All of these books and more are available on our website at


Also, we want you to be the lucky owner of one of these books, so we have created a contest for the best Halloween decorations!


Send us an email to with your amazing Halloween dec’s, and the winner will get to choose one of the books above!

Good luck!



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