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Hair-raising Thrillers to Read This Summer

Hair-raising Thrillers to Read This Summer

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Thrillers, you either love them or hate them. Action, mystery and guessing whodunit a thriller novel will keep you gripped until the end, therefore makes the perfect companion for your chilled beach holiday.


These exciting reads include a mysteriously murdered infant in British Borneo, 1945, and a woman suddenly took without a trace, a peculiar island where nothing seems to add up, a wealthy banker gets brutally murdered in his own home, an eight-year-old girl gets abducted from a playpark…you’ll want to know what comes next in these suspense thriller reads.





Predator Island

Tony Bury


The death sentence has returned to the UK. The cost of housing killers during their life time has become far too costly for the government. Only one place was willing to house the final prison the murderers will ever attend. Callington Island is what many would consider the ideal place to settle down for a quiet life. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life. A place where everyone knows everyone. That was, until Sister Trinity is found murdered. Everyone naturally assumes this must be the work of an escaped prisoner as no islander would surely be capable of such a heinous crime. Father Matthew, the island's priest and every islander's go-to in times of need, decides to give Nigel, the likeable but inept island bobby, a helping hand to solve the case. As the mystery unravels, there is a dawning realisation that this island, and its inhabitants, aren't quite what they seem.




Putting Everything on the Line

Kathryn Pana


It was supposed to be an easy day for Sergeant Will Falco and his SWAT team. He had been on the unit for fifteen years and was the ultimate professional. He thought he had experienced everything, but when he let his emotions interfere with his work, everything goes horribly wrong.

Kathy Hill went to work with excitement about her future, but when she is kidnapped by a man from Sergeant Falco's past, would she ever find out what her future would hold?

Will Sergeant Falco put everything on the line to save her? Will he ever get the man who haunts his past? And will he ever be able to be with the woman he finds himself falling in love with?





Phil Clinker


Nothing ever happens in Bakerton... until one of the country's richest bankers is brutally murdered in his mansion, along with some of his associates.

When Sheriff John Withers begins his investigation, he is horrified to learn that a federal agent has also been assigned to the case. But Withers intends to proceed in his own, somewhat unconventional manner - and the agent is just going to have to accept it!

Withers soon discovers that he is seeking two separate killers - one of whom has apparently been dead for four years. Each of them has a different agenda, and both are set on course for a final showdown... with Withers and his deputies in the line of fire.

But when a young woman goes missing as well, the stakes become unbearably high.




Mark Ashthorpe


When eight-year-old Kelly-Ann is abducted from a play park, there is a desperate race against time to find the man who was seen leading her away.

Simon Shaw is trying to get his life back on track after serving time for child pornography offences. He had met Kelly-Ann's mother for coffee just before her daughter was abducted. He frantically claims his innocence, but DS Paul Smith is convinced that Shaw is their man.

The abductor has already killed in cold blood, and he won't hesitate to do it again if Kelly-Ann doesn't realise how lucky she is to have someone like him to love her. Imprisoned in a cellar, her life is hanging in the balance.

As the trail starts to go cold, a new twist leads DS Paul Smith and Simon Shaw on a terrifying chase across the country. And, when startling new intelligence is revealed, Paul Smith has to ask himself - who can he trust?



The Delirium of Negation

Victor Mahn


When a grotesquely misshapen, murdered infant is left outside the army camp in the jungle in Borneo, during WWII, the medical officer who did the autopsy is prompted to investigate this horrific occurrence.

Ricky (Rickety) and a team of rebellious Allied soldiers and their trackers head into the formidable jungle at night, ignoring the likelihood of being killed by Japanese soldiers in the area. The local mystic and shaman, Limbuang, accompanies them into the jungle but he sees what they cannot: there is evil afoot in the jungle tonight.

A series of strange events and eerie happenings piques the soldiers' interest and they are led into a terrible knowledge they cannot quite believe.

We then race back in time to North India in 1779 and meet the innocent Siddhanath, who is in love with Kausalya. His lust for her drives him to seek the aid of the Rogue, a mysterious and powerful man who can arrange anything if the price is right. But Siddhanath is too naïve to know that the deal he strikes with the malevolent Wrath, a demon, with the aid of the Rogue, will cost him far more than he was ever prepared to pay.

A dark tale of terror, karma, redemption and loss, The Delirium of Negation should keep you up at night.



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