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Grant Rosenberg| Featured by Willamette Writers

Grant Rosenberg| Featured by Willamette Writers

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Grant Rosenberg was recently featured in Willamette Writers. Andrew Adleman asked a number of interesting questions!



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From NBC to Paramount Studios to Walt Disney Studios, among others, you have been an executive, a producer, a writer, and showrunner. How did you get started in the entertainment industry?



I initially landed a Page job at NBC with the hopes of getting into the news division, but that never materialized. As a Page, I worked on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Academy Awards, but being a Page was a steppingstone, not an occupation. My first real job at NBC was in the research department, analyzing such programs as Little House On the Prairie and The Wonderful World of Disney.


My next job was to run television research at Paramount TV, which I did for three years, before moving into my first creative job as Vice President of network series development for Paramount.


A few years later, I moved over to Walt Disney Studios with Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg to run Disney Television. Finally, after spending 12 years as a studio executive, I transitioned into writing and producing dramatic series, which I did for the next 28 years.





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