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Getting On With It | Pegasus Reviews

Getting On With It | Pegasus Reviews

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We recently received a lovely review from Sally Burrell for the new release, Getting On With It, by Pippa Holmes. Check out below to see what she thought!





A fantastic book. A "must have" read for all your "singletons" out there...Katy, a "Rural Bridget Jones" we can relate to. Katy escapes to the Country to meet her new Husband with her chickens, cows, sheep.....and her beloved "Bull". A dream come true for all of us! Pippa Holmes has an amazing talent and writes with hilarity and wit. I still cannot stop laughing.....Thank you Pippa, you have made my day.



Sound good to you? Here’s a little about Pippa’s book, Getting On With It!





Katy, a city girl through and through, never expected to find herself living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. However, a series of events including an annoying ex-boyfriend made her think that maybe London wasn't such a great place after all and that she should try the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. Katy was soon on a steep learning curve, having met and married Charlie, a farmer with a variety of livestock and a seven bedroomed house. She gradually adapts to this new life in her own inimitable way and is responsible for the birth and development of her very own farm shop.


This hilarious and pithy book follows Katy's life on the farm through to old age, and includes the eccentric Cynthia along with a son and various grandchildren - not forgetting the bull and thirty fickle chickens!



Grab yourself your own copy, here! 






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