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Gary's Adventures in Northumberland!

Gary's Adventures in Northumberland!

 |  Fun and Games


Gary is our helper here at Pegasus Publishers, and he has been working very hard to get used to such a challenging new role.


He has just come back from a well-deserved holiday in Northumberland, and he is very eager to share his holiday adventures with you, as well as the books he took on his holiday!


Gary, looking at his new surroundings for the week.



Gary living his best life.



Gary's first trip of his holiday was to visit Alnwick Castle.



Gary posing in front of Alnwick Castle.



Did you know, that Alnwick castle has been used in many movies and TV shows, most notably in Downtown Abbey and as the Hogwarts grounds in the Harry Potter Film Series?


Gary had a great time wandering the grounds, playing Quidditch, and looking in the staterooms. He even managed to squeeze into one of the cannons!



Gary in a cannon at Alnwick Castle. 



After a busy day, he went home and read his first book of the holiday – ‘Queen Clarice and the Watermelon Seed’ By C.B. Fletcher.



A lovely story about a red ant princess, Clarice, who seeks to find a way to save her starving colony.



Gary then had another action-packed day a few days later, at Bamburgh Castle!

This extraordinary castle resides at the top of a hill, overlooking the beach and Lindisfarne. So, of course, Gary had to get some selfies!



Gary is in front of the castle, excited for the day ahead!




Gary sat on top of a cannon, with Lindisfarne in the background. 



Gary sat on top of a cannon. 



Gary in front of the castle.



Gary strolled the grounds and the staterooms, before heading home.


Once back at the holiday lodge, it was time to read another book he had brought with him – ‘Hey Hugo, Let’s go!’ by Caroline Seignot.


This book is "based on the real-life adventures of a little girl and her pet sheep, exploring the countryside around them and sharing the delights of their discoveries, whilst forming the most beautiful friendship."



The rest of his holiday was spent relaxing at the lodge and enjoying the sun, hot tub, and prosecco!


Here, Gary found the time to read some of the bigger books he had brought with him!



"Sally Brown is a genius. Embroiled in a case of international espionage, treason, murder and abduction. How far does the corruption go? Who can they trust? It doesn't take a genius to see they are all in great danger."



"Aurora Flowers has a unique gift. She has the ability to remember all of the lives she's lived before, back as far as her time in Atlantis."



"Gaynor escaped an abusive marriage riddled with fear and insecurity and was afraid to live. Any spark she once had had long been extinguished.
When she began to find herself, she decided to grab life with both hands and start living. What had she got to lose?"



After a lovely week away, Gary has returned to us ready to work (And read lots of books, of course!)


Keep up with Gary’s life on our Instagram page, where he will share his weekly book recommendations, as well as pop up in our Instagram stories from time to time.



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