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Fun Activities to Keep your Children Busy in Easter!

Fun Activities to Keep your Children Busy in Easter!

 |  Fun and Games

It's the Easter half term, and we are sure that the children will have plenty to do. That said, this blog will detail some fun activities that your kids can get stuck into, courtesy of author Jayne Morris and her book, Make, Create & Play.


See below some amazing ideas to try with your children this Easter, sure to give them a laugh!

This will be sure to keep the children entertained, plus, it will help them learn how to tie knots, an essential life skill!

This simple recipe will spell lots of fun for the kids. Nothing beats getting the paints out! Get creative with it, have them make their very own superheroes, or maybe even create brand new animals! Let their imaginations run wild!

Hopefully, Easter will be filled with sunshine, and if it is, what better way to get out in the sun than building your very own obstacle course! Make it as short or long as you want, regardless, the kids will be worn out by the end of the day, guaranteed!


You could turn these activities into mini-contests and have yummy Easter eggs and sweets as rewards. Again, if the weather permits, you can always add a good ole Easter egg hunt for good measure!

We hope these ideas help make this year's Easter special for the little ones, and this only scratches the surface of the wacky and wonderful activities your children could be getting up to! If you want more, you can buy your own copy of the book here.



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