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Forthcoming Releases for March 2023

Forthcoming Releases for March 2023

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The 30th of March looms on the horizon like a titanic alien vessel, and that means only one thing; first contact. Well, not really, but it does signify the arrival of this month’s book releases!

The Pegasus team has been working very hard for the last few months to make these books a reality, and we’re thrilled to say that the first stock has landed safely with us, and we’re all ready for publication day!

We’ve got quite the selection of books being released this month, and we thought we’d put together an article previewing some of these upcoming reads!

Mike Oppenheim- “Ardor”

"Ardor" follows Ardor Agopian, a twenty-one year old working a tedious, dead-end job at the mall and dealing with the fallout of a bad decision. His reality is shattered when he stumbles across an ancient prophecy within the pages of a long-forgotten book, and he realises that he must master his dormant psychic abilities or witness the ruin of humanity at the hands of a powerful force.

Trisha Caress- “Unspoken Love”

Life has not been easy for Essence. She’s found herself stuck in a rut and desperately needs to get out of it, maybe with the man with no name? Life has other plans for her though, involving drama, heartbreak, danger and loss. All the while, the man with no name is there in the background.

Stephanie Butkiewicz- “The Lonely Violin”

A lonely old violin lays inside a case gathering dust, waiting to be played and wishing to be heard. Tracy’s mother can no longer play, and misses the sound of the instrument she played so long ago. When Tracy one day picks up the violin and begins to play its chalky strings, all that comes out is a shrill, scraping squawk. How could music possibly be made from such a sad, dusty old thing? When the violin begins to appear in Tracy’s dreams, she finds herself inspired to try again. Can the enchanted strings bring the violin back to life once more?

Margaret M. Dunlop- “Snakes and Ladders”

In this absorbing tale of love, seduction and unfaithfulness set in the sexually strict 1950s, “Snakes and Ladders” tells the story of Maggie and her husband Jamie, revealing the strains that can arise in any relationship. When seductive havoc-maker Dominic slides into the picture., he comes close to wrecking both the lives of Maggie and Jamie.

Barbara Longley- “The Wayfarer’s Gift- The Chronicles of Wrothlore”

An ancient fae relic is the only clue Everleigh Westin has to her family’s disappearance and the strange happenings in the Kingdom of Wrothlore. If she is to rescue her family and protect the realm from the clutches of a dark wizard, she must learn to harness the relic’s magic. Can Everleigh unlock the fae relic’s secrets in time, or will the kingdom of Worthlore fall into darkness?

Pam Marr- “The Life of Hugo”

Hugo is a happy-go-lucky nine year old boy who lives on a sheep farm with his parents and sister Ava. In this charming book, you can read all about Hugo’s school Halloween party, his friend’s naughty puppy, mum’s answer to what really lies at the end of a rainbow, and the last time he saw Santa Claus.

Michelle Mitchell- “You Have to Choose How You Live”

The second book from “Girl Got Game” author Michelle Mitchell sees her sharing her perspective as a CEO, podcaster, author, brand creator and marketing coach whilst diving into raising a teenager in the LGBTQIA+ community. With this book, Michelle welcomes us into her life once again with honesty, integrity and some much-needed laughs.

Daisy Rodriguez- “The Prince Within: The Descent to Hell”

Yamaries should be a normal eighteen-year-old heading off to college, but she’s far from normal; she is possessed by a demon who inhabits her body. When she meets the charismatic demon Mammon, the two fall deeply in love, and together, they rescue her grandmother. They are then faced with their most dangerous mission: to rescue her grandfather. This involves returning to Mammon’s home, and given that he’s the prince of hell itself, this means only one thing. A descent into hell.

Michael Hamill- “Molly’s Wings”

Three young fairy friends, Molly, Polly and Holly, were exposed to a rare wing infection that rendered them unable to fly. After asking the Fairy Queen for help, they were told to travel to the Golden Grasslands to find the unicorns, who might be able to cure them. This story is about how friends overcame many dangerous situations on their long journey to find the unicorns.

Alan Boyd, Robbie Stevenson and Scott Grieg- “The Baghdad Cookbook”

“The Baghdad Cookbook” provides a window into the daily life of a security contractor in Iraq, where every day could easily be their last, yet it is not a grim book, but one filled with hope, humour, camaraderie and courage. It is a beautiful tribute to those who serve or have served in the military, detailing the delightful recipes created by the contractors and enjoyed during downtime.

This is, of course, just a small selection of what's coming up this month.You can check out all of our forthcoming releases here:



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