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Five Upcoming Books to Get Excited About

Five Upcoming Books to Get Excited About

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Our old friend publication day will soon come knocking, and you know what that means; it's time to turn your attention to the new books we have coming out!

Today, we're going to list five very different books for you that might whet your appetite!


John Reid- "The Revenge"


Returning with his seventh novel- the latest in his "DCI Steve Burt" series, John Reid presents a brand new suspenseful tale of hitmen, murder and government secrets.

DCI Steve Burt and his team have been asked to determine whether a serving RAF officer is a spy.

If he is, then a kill order on him, issued by a clandestine MI5 department will be enforced.

As Steve and his team are grappling with MI5 and their demands, they are given a double murder case that has all the hallmarks of a professional hitman.

A very determined killer is seeking revenge on the four men responsible for his eight years in prison and the murder of his wife and young son.


Pre-order here.




Steven R. Dolby- "Boomer"


The Baby Boom generation was 76 million strong, raised at a time characterised by parental discipline and kids who knew how to create their own entertainment.

BOOMER tells the author's story of growing up in a military family with six siblings, the multitude of moves they made to facilitate his dad's career, the friends he made along the way, and the innocence of youth interrupted by reaching draft age during the Vietnam War.


The story takes the reader through his career changes, the divorce he didn't see coming, and the joy of a family life that followed.

Finally, he looks back at his life, glad to be a part of the Baby Boom generation!



Pre-order here.





Tony Bury and Tyler Bury- "The Nine Realms: The Rising"



"The Nine Realms: The Rising" is the newest offering from long-time author Tony Bury.


Mount Olympus's once-beautiful gardens were now a barren ice wasteland. The angels and archangels were frozen in place. As were parts of Athena's monster army.

Members of the twelve supreme gods were noticeable in their absence. Where was the supreme god, Zeus? Would he return?

The war to end all wars is coming to the Nine Realms, can anyone stop it?


Pre-order here.



James Gingell- "I Think I Want to be a Chef"


This is not a book to deter young budding students from becoming chefs; in fact, it's quite the contrary.

This is merely my experiences, sharing stories, recipes, fun times, camaraderie, ambition, with a few potential pitfalls along the way through the eyes of a discerning chef.


Covering twenty chapters, stories are told with honesty and snippets of humour.

In between each chapter are recipes that I have collected on my travels, some of which are relevant to the chapter and some that are merely my favourite dishes to eat.



Pre-order here.





John Atkinson- "My Wobbly Tooth"



Share in the intrigue, mystery and excitement that a child's first wobbly tooth can bring in this heartwarming and loveable children's story.

‘My Wobbly Tooth' aims to both support parents and comfort children at a time when they might be having one or two worries and ‘wobbles' about what is a significant moment in their young life.



Pre-order here.



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