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Five Easy Steps for a Successful Book Signing

Five Easy Steps for a Successful Book Signing

 |  Author Corner

Book signings are a part of every author's life: they help to sell your book, promote you as the author, and allow you to engage with your audience. Some author's can feel nervous about holding a signing, but if you follow these simple steps, you too can have a successful event.


Always Be Friendly


This might seem like an obvious one, but there might be times when you’re not feeling so cheerful at a signing. What if someone at the event doesn’t buy your book? Should you get cross? Complain? No. Smile and be polite – you might just change their mind with your killer personality. The same is true for the staff. Don’t go all diva on them and start making demands! Make friends with the book shop staff, talk to them about your book and take an interest in them – remember, they have final say on what happens to your book in their store. And always say thank you.


Make it An Event


True, you could just show up and sign books at request, but that’s not going to lure in potential customers; you need to give them a reason to show up and take an interest. Give a presentation about your book and what inspired you to write it; hold a brief Q&A session; give a reading from the book, or hold a writing workshop. Whatever you choose to do, you need to engage with your audience – readers want to know just as much about the author as they do about the book.


Don’t Limit Yourself


You might have a specific audience in mind, but that doesn’t mean that your readers agree. In your mind, that book might be specifically for young-adult readers, so that’s who you’re going to aim your signing at. But there might just be some older (or younger) people who enjoy the book as well. Don’t limit yourself to what you see as your readership – embrace them all!


Make Your Audience Happy


This point is similar to the first, but focuses more on your audience, as opposed to your attitude in general. Word of mouth is an excellent selling tool, so your audience needs to go away feeling happy, cared for and relaxed. The best way for you to do this? Be relaxed yourself. Make sure you mingle and help everyone feel welcome. When you’re signing copies of the book, ask them how they want it personalised and pay attention to them. Try and show an interest in the individual reader – maybe ask what else they like to read, or how their day has been – just make sure you keep it brief, as there will be other people waiting. If you want to make them really happy, you could always provide complimentary drinks and nibbles – everyone loves free food!


Sell Yourself


This event isn’t just about selling copies of your book – it’s also about selling yourself as an author. If you plan to give a presentation, practice your reading and talking beforehand; make sure you know what you’re going to say and don’t ramble – you’re there to entertain and interest them, and longer doesn’t always equal better. Publicity is another good way to sell yourself as an author. Have a friend come along to the event and take photos on the day. Then, you can choose the best ones and put them on your social media, share them on your website (if you have one) and send them to your publisher to be used by the marketing team; it’ll help to encourage more people to attend next time.



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