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Ellie Thompson | Author Life

Ellie Thompson | Author Life

 |  Author Life

Ellie Thompson, the author of 19 Years, shares some info on what it's like being a new author!




Did you always dream of becoming an author?
As much as I have always been an avid reader, I never had a dream to write my own book.




How did you come about writing your book? Was that your intention or did you start writing for fun?
For over 20 years I had friends and family nagging me to write a book. They insisted it would make a good story and raise awareness. Initially I started the book to help with my own demons. And it proved very liberating and exciting in equal measure.




What was your life like before you became an author?
I have worked full time since 1989 when my youngest son went to infant school. I love to keep busy and only found the 2 years I needed to write this book, when I retired early at 57. I am a family woman and they will always be my priority.




Did you face any struggles before becoming an author? If so, how did you overcome them?
The usual ups and downs of life I suppose. A big financial hit in 2008, when the property crash happened. Before that, my "19 Years" of domestic abuse was my biggest challenge.




Now that you are a published author, how has your life changed, if at all?
It hasn't really changed much at all...yet! But I live in hope it will be as financially rewarding as it will emotionally rewarding.




What message are you most passionate about spreading with your book?
That domestic abuse will not be tolerated. Each and every one of us, are free to make our own choices and coercive controlling partners need to be a thing of the past.




We understand you have recently created a petition to raise public awareness on the signs of domestic abuse - do you have any advice for anyone who may not be aware of the signs?
Yes..... Read my book and sign the petition I have started. This will be a game-changer to get a public information film on TV. We can save lives with this kind of awareness.



You can view and sign the petition here.


Want a copy of the book? Click here.



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