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Eases that Fear: An Interview with Shakeema Glover

Eases that Fear: An Interview with Shakeema Glover

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Anyone else scared of the dentist? It can be a fear for many young children and adults alike and Shakeema Glover’s book, Devin Visits the Dentist, is about easing that tension and educating the reader on how the dentist works – and the bountiful benefits of going.


We talked with Shakeema about her reasons for writing about the dentist, the influence her children had on her book and the adventures we’ll take with Devin in the future.


Her book is available here.



Obviously, brushing your teeth is a necessary requirement for kids and adults alike. Why did you decide to make it the topic of your book?


I decided to make it topic of my book because even though it's a necessity, a lot of parents don't take their small children to the dentist. A lot of small children are afraid of the dentist. This book eases that fear and make parents aware.



As a mother of four, were your children a source of inspiration or did you directly involve them in your writing?


I'm actually a Mom of five now! My children are always my inspiration. Everything I do is for them; I include them in every aspect of my life.



How did you approach writing? Can you tell us a little bit about your process?


I said to myself: “You can do this, even if it takes years for you to finish”. I have five kids now and I'm a single mom: my job is literally never done - LOL. I just wrote when I could - every little break I got while the kids were napping or doing homework or in school - I just wrote and never stopped.



Did the children's books you grew up reading inspire Devin Visits the Dentist or were you trying to write something new and different?


Yes, they definitely did - especially Dr. Suess. As you can see my book has a rhyming rhythm to it. I did take a different approach on what I wrote about as I decided to write about something that was helpful as well as fun.



And finally, are you looking to continue Devin's adventures?


I have actually written a series of Devin's Books already. Hopefully I get to share them with the world soon!



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