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Conspiracy Theories In Novels

Conspiracy Theories In Novels

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Conspiracy Theories in Novels.


There are many different conspiracy theories around the world, from the Bermuda Triangle to is the Queen really the Queen.


Conspiracy Theory: Belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event.


Let’s start with a few conspiracy theories from different novels.


Harry Potter by J K Rowling


These amazing books by Rowling are a sensation on a worldwide scale. She is listed with the top Authors in history. Its no mystery that the Potter fans have come up with some theories about this series, some have even been confirmed by J K herself


  • Hagrid on Voldemort –

Not only did Hagrid tell Harry that he was a wizard, and bring him into the wizarding world, he was also the first to mention Voldemort to him. "Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he had any human left in him to die"

This was before we found out about Voldemort’s pendants for Horcruxes, soon did we find out that his words were shockingly true.

  • It wasn’t real –

One of the most heart-breaking theories of this franchise, is that Hogwarts and the rest of the wizarding world, was all in Harry’s head. Due to how horribly the Dursleys treated Harry and the loss of his parents, Harry made up the entire wizarding world; Hogwarts was the name of a mental Hospital he had been sent to.


  • Dursleys and horcruxes –

Speaking of the Dursleys, this theory says that the only reason the Dursleys were horrible to Harry, was because he was a horcrux! We know that being around a horcrux for a while changes your persons mood, so what happens after spending 11 years with one?


  • Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf –

Although this theory has been denied by Rowling, I thought I would mention it anyway.

Draco Malfoy is said to be a pale and ill looking boy, who never handed in his transfiguration homework, and missed a quidditch match against Gryffindor. Fans had begun to believe that Draco was in fact a werewolf.



The Hobbit/ The Lord Of The Rings by J R R Tolkien


Another franchise that is worldwide popular. The novels written by J R R Tolkien are beloved by old and young. Compared to Harry Potter, these were not really considered children’s books. But still have crazy theories.


  •  The story is an analogue of World War Two (LOTR) –

Sauron is a stand-in for Hitler, and the Nazis are Orcs. Even Saruman fits in as a figure akin to Joseph Stalin, who was an ally that should never have been trusted. It’s hard to see how Tolkien could have lived through the war without it influencing his writings, but that doesn’t mean that these influences were conscious. Tolkien swears that he made no conscious reference to specific world events.

  • Gandalf wanted to use the eagles all along (LOTR) –

This theory states that Gandalf’s plan was actually to use the eagles all along, and his plan kept getting foiled. Apparently, Gandalf’s plan was to take the safest route to the eagles, and fly the rest of the way. Part of this theory claims that Gandalf’s final words before he’s taken by the Balrog, “fly, you fools,” was actually to tell the fellowship to use the eagles.


  • Gollum is a separate personality of the Ring (The Hobbit + LOTR) –

Gollum, or his real name Sméagol, was the one to find the ring after it had betrayed Isildur. He was a halfling, part of the River Folk, until he found the ring. The ring corrupted him from day one, and has prolonged his life. When we see Bilbo find the ring in The Hobbit, we can see how through out the novel, he slowly becomes more corrupted by the ring, when he gets older, he claims the ring is “my precious” a phrase that Gollum has taken to calling the ring, could it be that Gollum isn’t just a personality to Sméagol, but actually a part of the Ring?


  • Gandalf was the villain of The Hobbit –

Gandalf has suspiciously good timing, he seems to disappear right before the company become in danger, and returns just in time to rescue the remaining survivors. This theory states that Gandalf was always with the team, he had just hidden himself in the shadows and watched as the company reduced in numbers. This way he can watch them be killed, and return just in time to keep a few alive; just enough to help him find the hidden entrance of Erebor before the last light of Durin’s day. His main goal would probably be to keep two ot three dwarves alive, long enough to open the doors, before he killed them and took the treasure for himself.



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