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Collective Effort Can Make A Significant Difference: An Interview with Wendy Kuchta

Collective Effort Can Make A Significant Difference: An Interview with Wendy Kuchta

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As we emerge from the winter months, the sun starts to poke its head through the clouds and shine down on us. We are thankful for its warmth and would be unable to live without its nourishment. Wendy Kuchta’s book is a reminder that we need to cherish our fiery friend and protect ourselves from its more harmful habits.


We talked with Wendy about her story, the elements she wanted to highlight, the inspiration behind them and the plan for her future writing.


You can purchase The Day The Sun Came to Play here.



The Day the Sun Came to Play is a tale of teamwork. Why did you choose such an important topic as the main focus of your book?

I truly believe that when we join forces for the good of humanity and the environment, the results can change the world. Hence why teamwork is an essential element of The Day the Sun Came to Play. The story highlights the significance of how the diversity of skills and strengths of individuals in a team can contribute to accomplishing more for the better good. The main character, Ama, leads by example and also continuously motivates her friends to work together by chanting and encouraging them to use their individual skills, strengths and creativity, to reach their common goal.

The tale symbolically portrays how collective effort can make a significant difference in achieving a challenging task, such as saving the planet by pushing the sun back up in the sky.


Another important aspect of this book is the animals and the wider natural world. Is this something that has always interested you?

Yes, Mother Earth provides us with an abundance of gifts which should not be taken for granted. Where would we be without nature and wildlife? I dare to say that without nature and wildlife, we wouldn’t be here!

That is why it is important to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as global warming. The impact and implications of climate change on biodiversity in plants and animal species are meanwhile undeniable and unfortunately, our negligence affects nature first. The book, The Day the Sun Came to Play, is a good book to gently and playfully introduce global warming to young children.


If you were to pinpoint your inspirations in writing this book, who or what would they be?

Most definitely my son's interest in environmental issues inspired me but also the work of young environmentalists like Autumn Peltier, Nyombi Morris, Licypriya Kangujam and Lesein Mutunkei, to name a few.


In a world where children seem to be reading less and less, what drew you to write a novel for kids?

The best way to introduce books to children and get them to fall in love with reading is by reading aloud to them and getting them involved in reading at a very young age. The Day the Sun Came to Play is not only a good book to gently and playfully introduce global warming to young children but it’s also perfect for reading aloud. It’s beautifully illustrated, with rhyming words and simple sentences which makes it engaging and easy for young children to listen to or to read on their own. It is also especially entertaining when used by parents, older siblings and or educators for storytelling. Storytelling techniques such as voice (words and sound effects), mimicking facial expressions and bodily gestures, work well with this book and draw children 's attention encouraging them to imitate and to read for themselves. Also, the bright colours and clear illustrations in the book make it a suitable one to read aloud to toddlers who are leaving the gurgle phase behind and entering the world of verbal expression. Parents and educators of toddlers can point to an animal in the book and imitate the animal's sound—that’s bonding.


And finally, if we may, what is next for you creatively?

I plan to write more stories which offer an opportunity to discuss or introduce certain topics to young children. The next adventure, which I have already started to write, tells the story of Ama and her friends rescuing their friend, a domestic donkey, from poachers. Again, this book will touch on global issues.



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