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Celebrating South Asian Heritage Month

Celebrating South Asian Heritage Month

 |  Book Nook

South Asian Heritage Month runs from the 18th of July to the 17th of August each year, and we wanted use this opportunity to shine a light on some of our South Asian authors and their fantastic works!

Faiza Taqi- "A Dance of the Souls"

Pakistani author Faiza Taqi's "Dance of the Souls" is a vulnerable and raw poetry collection, which she describes as "her soul on paper". Being the former senior editor at FYI Magazine, Faiza is no stranger to penmanship, and it truly shows in this stunning collection of work that is informed by her passion for literature and photography. 

Get the book here.

Tanvir Islam- "Tears are Pearls"

Ramona is a young woman who is willing to climb the mountain of her professional career no matter how many times she falls. When she loses a job through no fault of her own, she starts a process of trying to understand herself and her place in the world. When she is offered a new job out of the blue, the woman who owns the company challenges her to discover her own strengths and find out how she is unique. 

Get the book here. 

Lipipuspa Nayak- "Carry on Ms Caretaker"

This is the story of three women, Flowery, her mother and her grandmother, the legacies each inherits and outgrows, and the changing India they live in. Spanning a century, set in the villages of pre-independence India and a present day city, the lives of three generations of women weave a tale filled with memory, dreams and reality.

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Swapna Sanchita- "Crazy Tales of the Cosmos"

Join a fact-filled fun journey that takes you to the solar system and beyond! Crazy Tales From The Cosmos is bursting with information about planets, the big bang, stars, constellations, and more. Read about Jupiter, the big bang, Orion, Pluto, Mercury, black holes and constellations as you turn one page after another. 

Get the book here. 

Raksha & Dhruv Jain- "Stories by Dhruv" 

In the summer of 2020 when there was a nationwide lockdown announced due to the pandemic, seven-year-old Dhruv from the coastal town of Mangalore had nothing better to do.

To keep him occupied (read out of her way, his mother asked him to write a story a day.

What started as a boring chore which his mother nagged him to do turned out to be quite enjoyable to Dhruv. 

Soon his book was filled with endearing stories with befitting illustrations from his imagination.

The stories were further adapted and written in a rhyming verse by his mom who has a penchant for writing; specifically children's literature thus adding her own twist to the tales while retaining the original plot and characters.

Get the book here. 



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