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Books to read as Winter creeps up on us!

Books to read as Winter creeps up on us!

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With the end of a very eventful summer coming to a close, be prepared to bring out the extra layers, wrap up warm and get the hot chocolate ready as the winter quickly approaches. As it begins to creep up on us, it brings with it a perfect opportunity to relax and read a book.


With that being said, at Pegasus Publishers we have a plethora of books available which are suited for a cosy, chilled night in. Whether you would prefer to chill out with a historical novel or a cuddle up with a love story, we have the book for you. Below are a few of examples of books you could read as the cold weather quickly swarms in:


The Adventure Galley Volume 1: Captain Morgan's Treasure by Marie-Helene Therrien and Steve Garvie

In 1674, Captain Kidd aboard the Adventure Galley, narrowly escaped the attack of Captain Henry Morgan, a privateer who returned to the Caribbean after a few years of captivity in England, at the request of the Queen of Spain, for storming Panama City with more than 1,000 men. Henry Morgan, a poor navigator but an excellent strategist, had a reputation for being the cruellest pirate of his time, but Charles II, King of England, nevertheless decided to appoint him a knight.

Henry Morgan plundered many treasures, but mutineers will steal the most precious he has ever possessed.

This novel, based on real events, evokes Captains Kidd and Morgan's lives, leading readers on a hectic adventure.


Arietta by Kevin McGann

Three complete strangers arrive at the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Arietta, a successful businesswoman, is going through a crisis in her life; she knows what she has to do but isn't sure if she has the strength or courage to see it through. Scared and confused, she has fled Manhattan to the solace of the island.

Several years ago, James' wife, Clair, left, leaving him sad, angry and bitter. The island is the last place he wants to be, but a promise must be kept.

Cheryl, an attractive, struggling, single-mother, is vacationing with her daughter, Caleigh. The last few years tending to her daughter's illness have not only taken an emotional and financial toll on Cheryl, but left her feeling inaccessible, and lonely.

As events unfold and their paths cross, their lives intertwine. Can these unlikely strangers help one another move forward with their lives and find love once again?

Four Becomes the One by Michael Dowle

October 1954
Peter Johnson is born in Manchester, after a difficult birth, to his mother, Brenda; the fourth son to her and husband, Jim. Unknowingly, his father wished for a daughter.
One year later, Jim tells Brenda how he feels, unable to bond closely with their youngest son. So, for the next seven years, she banishes him from their marital bed; until Peter has his eighth birthday.
Things change when Brenda becomes pregnant.
But tragedy strikes!
By 1968, Peter's oldest brother marries; his twin brothers also leaves home, taking up their careers as footballers.
At just fourteen, his father attacks him in a drunken rage!
Peter is terrified, confiding in his best friend, Elly, that he is running away; not telling her where he'll go, though promising to keep in touch.
All alone, he takes a bus to London. What will life be like for him from now on?


Jump Rocky Jump by Rocky Taylor

Jump, Rocky, Jump tells the remarkable story of Britain's most famous stuntman, Rocky Taylor, who fell into stunt work and landed on his feet.

Whether downstairs or up gantries, burning like stubble or as a stunt double for Hollywood royalty, Rocky Taylor has been falling ever since.

But he hits the ground running every time, screen-punching famous faces and treating audiences worldwide to near-death experiences - only one of which, thanks to an infamous director, became all too horribly real.

Now readers have a chance to jump with Rocky and keep up, if they can, with the motorbike skids and the martial arts, the car-rolls and the swashbuckling, past and present.

Whether your interest is professional or light-hearted, Rocky Taylor's life in film, TV and charity work will inform and entertain you as only an insider's eye can: showing you how stunts should be done and what hits the fan when they aren't.



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