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Andy Clancy - Author Life

Andy Clancy - Author Life

 |  Author Life

Andy Clancy released his debut novel in February 2018. We wanted to catch up with the author and find out how life had changed since the book was published.



Did you always dream of becoming an author?


I arrived as an author quite late, more precisely in my early 50’s! That said, I had been reading both works of history and historical fiction for years, so the interest in my current subject matter was always there. I like to think that age and experience brings belief in your own abilities and the more books I read, the more I started to think why don’t I give this a try myself? It would be wrong to say I had a dream to become an author, more a belief that it was up to me to start putting my ideas on paper and then getting a structure to my story. I’m a great believer that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it; the rest is about application. In the words of Calvin Coolidge, ‘persistence is everything!'


What was your first job?


I had a long career in the London Metropolitan Police that took me all over the UK and overseas. I had a great career and was fortunate to work with and meet many people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. What this taught me is that every person you chance to meet, see or interact, whatever the situation, has their own story and life experience that you as an individual can learn and benefit from.


How did you come about writing your book? Was that your intention or did you start writing for fun?


I was visiting a local tourist attraction where I live with my youngest daughter. Such an interesting place and so much history, I knew there was a great story to be written based on the people and history of the place. I am self-employed so I had available time, which meant I had no excuse not to get started!


What was your life like before you became an author?


I have worked hard to make a good life for my family, so that gives me my happiness. Before I became an author, I was focused on the work I had done for many years, now I know I have other talents!


Did you face any struggles before becoming an author? If so, how did you overcome them?


Not so much struggles but a sense of sense of unfinished business. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at a part written manuscript and trying to ignore it. It’s a form of self-denial; you can only feel honest about yourself when you follow your ideas, your talent and finish your novel.


Now that you are a published author, how has your life changed, if at all?


In life, when you do something, well why not do it again? I thoroughly enjoy writing and that includes the whole process of engaging with a publisher and bringing your work to fruition. Becoming an author is a great personal achievement but having done it once is not enough! I want to write more novels because being an author is now part of who I am. I am a published author and I believe in myself that I can do better each time.


Can you please describe a typical day in your life now?


Ideas! What is my next novel, who will my main characters be, how will I structure my story? Being an author is exciting and how the story unfolds is in your hands. My typical day is working on my next novel, I love it!


What is your most memorable moment of your life as an author?


As an author to receive the first printed copies of your work is an incredible experience. What started as some scribbled notes in a book that you translated onto your home PC is now the finished article. I remember being on holiday in Turkey and writing my first ideas while lounging by the pool as my wife and daughter were swimming. From those first notes, there I am holding my novel in my hand and reading the prologue, a great memory and a feeling of a job well done!

In a few words, how would you review your experience with Pegasus Publishers?


I am a people person and prefer dealing with organisations that have a friendly feel as opposed to big corporations. Pegasus are approachable, friendly and I always felt I could ask them for guidance throughout the process. At the same time, the Pegasus approach and finished novel are highly professional. I would recommend them to any aspiring author.



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