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Alan Beale and Steven Wisken | Author Life

Alan Beale and Steven Wisken | Author Life

 |  Author Life


Did you always dream of becoming an author?  

I’ve always enjoyed reading books and writing stories ever since I can remember. I loved getting lost in a good book.


What was your first job?

My first job was as a paperboy delivering both the local and ‘Herald’ (not Herald Sun, Sun was in the morning, Herald in the afternoon back then).


How did you come about writing your book? Was that your intention or did you start writing for fun?

I started originally by telling my two children when they were young bedside stories. These were about all different sorts of things, but their favourite stories revolved around the character ‘Sparky’ and his adventures. These were part life experience and part fiction. I thought some were pretty good so I began writing them down. I was then chatting one day with my good friend Steve and he asked for a look at one of them. From there, the idea of ‘Sparky and the Kingfisher’s Banquet’ was born and with Steve’s witty input into the dialogue and imaginative, colourful illustrations, the book began to come to life.


What was your life like before you became an author?

Well, I don’t really consider myself an author at present. Steve and I just thought we’d have a go at writing a Children’s picture story book and try to get it published. We’ve achieved that goal now, so we’ll just see where that takes us. Of course we’re already putting the finishing touches on Sparky’s next adventure!


Did you face any struggles before becoming an author? If so, how did you overcome them?

Well not really, although we did submit our book to a number of publishing houses and interestingly, we had no response from any of the Australian publishers, only offers from the two English publishing houses we sent our book to. We are very grateful to Pegasus publishers for agreeing to help Sparky come to life.


Now that you are a published author, how has your life changed, if at all?

Early days, haven’t yet seen the published version, so I think this is a question best answered when a little more water has gone under the bridge, or more aptly, a few more rainbow trout have been served on silver platters!


Can you please describe a typical day in your life now?

I’m a teacher and have been for the past 30+ years, so my typical day is to get up (oh no!) drive to the wonderful Surrey Hills Primary School and teach all the lovely students that go there. I’ve been doing it for the past 20 years, so I sort of know my way around a little bit!


What is your most memorable moment of your life as an author?

When I first received the news that ‘Kingfisher’s Banquet’ was going to be published.


In a few words, how would you review your experience with Pegasus Publishers?

Well, to be honest, to this point, we haven’t really had many shared experiences as the book has only just been released. The staff at Pegasus have always been most courteous and prompt with all the questions we’ve had throughout the process to this stage.


Why did you choose Pegasus Publishers?

Because they chose us! We are sure that faith will prove most beneficial for all involved: ourselves, Pegasus and most importantly, our readers. Go Sparky!



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