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8 ways to look after your mental health while in lockdown

8 ways to look after your mental health while in lockdown

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Here at Pegasus Publishers we care about our team, writers and readers wellbeing and are supporting mental health awareness week (18th May-24th May). During these uncertain times, this year’s theme #KindnessMatters is essential more than ever. We’ve put together eight things you can do to look after your mental health. Which one will you be trying out first?






Of course, we’re a publisher, we’re going to add reading onto the list, but that’s because it’s a fact! Reading has proved to clear your cloudy mind, ease stress, slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and depression because you’re mentally stimulating your mind and of course you’re feeding your mind knowledge, and you never know when this might come in handy. Reading is such an excellent hobby to have, to enjoy it you need to find something you like. We recommend a book from our wide range of books at Pegasus publishers (not bias at all)




Unfortunately, gyms are currently closed, but don’t let that stop you from working out. You could go for a walk, do a home workout there are endless amounts of videos on YouTube to help you. There are no excuses! Exercise has proven to relieve stress and even help depression as it gives you endorphins, the happy hormone which we all need in our lives, especially during the lockdown.


Eat well 


Yes eating that whole tub of non-essential Ben and Jerrys felt right at the time. But after? You may feel sluggish and down in the dumps. Sitting at home bored, you’re more likely to overeat and fall into bad habits while being at home. Yes, it’s good to treat yourself now and again. But it’s been proven that feeding your body with healthy nutritious, balanced meals gives you more energy, improves your mood and clears your mind.


Socialise Virtually


We are fortunate to have the creation of social media and phones, especially during the lockdown. Give your friend or family member a facetime call, have a natter. Send them a DM asking them how they’re doing, it really will make them feel better and making someone else’s day is sure to put yourself in a good mood as well.


Get Creative


Did you know tapping into that creative energy can improve your overall health? Engaging in creativity enhances brain function, mental and physical health. You could try colouring-in books, painting, knitting, making new clothes, DIY or even baking and writing can bring out the creativity in you, do what your heart desires the options are endless.


Listen to Music


Listening to music has so many positive effects on mood and mental health, it can help elevate your mood, give you motivation, relax you and increase the efficiency of your brain. So, make a playlist of your favourite songs and don’t forget to add some old school ones in there as well and listen away!


Pamper Day


Way too often we let the stresses of everyday life consume us. Taking some time for yourself is not only an excellent way to refresh and recharge but a way of staying healthy physically and mentally. During the lockdown, we may let ourselves go a little bit (hello lockdown hair) but don’t forget the importance of a good pamper! Now put those sweats on, light some candles and put on a good face mask.


Have a Film Night


Yes, cinemas are closed, but it’s easier to watch a good movie with all those streaming services out there now. While being in lockdown while not use this extra time to watch a film you’ve been dying to see but just not had the time to sit down and watch it. If you’re feeling extra courageous, you could even have a whole day of movie marathons. So, get the popcorn at the ready and relax in front of the TV.



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